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New Synthesis of Chiral Oxazolidin-2-ones

Synthesis of Binol-based diphosphinites bearing chiral phospholane units and their application in asymmetric catalysis

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Practical Synthesis of Chiral Phosphorous Acids Based …

racemic 1,1�-bi-2,2�-naphthol (BINOL) is most conveniently prepared by the oxidative coupling reaction of 2-naphthol in the presence of transition metal complexes (eq 1). The resolution of racemic BINOL with cinchonine may be performed via the cyclic phosphate (eq 2). An alternative procedure to provide directly optically active BINOL is the oxidative coupling of 2-naphthol catalyzed by CuII salt in the presence of chiral amines (eq 3). The best procedure uses (+)-amphetamine as the chiral ligand and provides BINOL in 98% yield and 96% ee.

Practical Synthesis of Chiral Phosphorous Acids ..

– Synthesis of New Chiral Bicyclic 3-hydroxypiperidines – Highly Diastereoselective Ring Expansion of the Azabicyclo[3.3.0]octane System to Chiral Piperidine Derivatives

Practical Synthesis of Chiral Phosphorous Acids Based on BINOL ..

Total Synthesis of Chiral Falcarindiol Analogues ..

BINOL-TiX reagent exhibits a remarkable level of asymmetric catalysis in the carbonyl-ene reaction of prochiral glyoxylates, thereby providing practical access to -hydroxy esters., These reactions exhibit a remarkable

The reaction of the 5-hydroxynaphthoquinone with 1-acetoxy-1,3-diene in the presence of MS-free BINOL-TiCl (10 mol%) provides the corresponding Diels-Alder product in high chemical yield and with high enantioselectivity (76-96% ee). The Diels-Alder product is also obtained by the use of 1 equiv of 3,3�-diphenyl-BINOL/borane complex (eq 13); the structure of the intermediate has been proposed.3,3�-Diphenyl-BINOL-derived chiral aluminum reagents are prepared in situ by addition of or to 3,3�-diphenyl-BINOL.

Practical Synthesis of Chiral Phosphorous ..

Enantioselective synthesis of chiral organic ..

Sadiya Raja was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1983. She received her Master’s degree in Chemistry from the Goethe University, Frankfurt in 2009. Thereafter she started her Ph.D. at the RWTH Aachen University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Magnus Rueping, where she worked on the development of enantioselective Brønsted acid-catalyzed pericylic reactions and the synthesis of chiral N-heterocycles. She completed her Ph.D. in December 2012 and is currently a lab head at Bachem, Switzerland.

Die in dieser Arbeit gezeigten Resultate sind auch für industrielle Prozesse bezüglich asymmetrischer Synthese von großem Interesse.
This thesis presents synthesis of chiral, catalytically active as well as highly selective organic polymers of intrinsic microporosity for application in asymmetric heterogeneous organocatalysis.

Synthesis of Chiral Spiro-Oxaphospholenes
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    of a chiral Yb(OTf) 3-BINOL …

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    The importance of chiral BINOL phosphate catalysts 1 in asymmetric transformations can hardly be underestimated

  • 1,2-Amino Alcohols and Their Heterocyclic Derivatives …

    28/12/2017 · Chiral sulfoxides are extensively used in synthesis of chiral drugs, ..

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Epoxide synthesis by epoxidation - Organic chemistry

The preparation and use of the BINOL-derived titanium complexes in the enantioselective synthesis of some benzhydrols (>90% ee) have been reported (eq 8).The chiral titanium reagent, prepared from the lithium salt of BINOL with TiCl, has been used as a catalyst for the asymmetric addition of cyanotrimethylsilane to aldehydes. In the example shown, the cyanohydrin is obtained with BINOL and its derivatives are used as the chiral ligand of chiral Lewis acid complexes for enantioselective Diels-Alder cycloadditions.

Total Synthesis of Napyradiomycin A1 by Snyder

The reaction of aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes with allylstannane is also catalyzed by BINOL-TiCl or BINOL-Ti(O--Pr) to give remarkably high enantioselectivity.A modified BINOL-derived aluminum reagent is an effective chiral catalyst for asymmetric Claisen rearrangement of allylic vinyl ethers (eq 29). The use of vinyl ethers with sterically demanding C-3 substituents is necessary for the high level of asymmetric induction.

Acidity-Basicity Data (pKa Values) in Nonaqueous …

To the best of our knowledge, the synthesis of binaphthyl-based symmetrical and asymmetrical axially chiral dendrimers via 1,3-cycloaddition reactions ["Click" chemistry] using Fréchet-type dendrons and their azido-analogues has not been studied yet.

General & Introductory Chemistry

Conjugated linear oligomers such as oligothiophenes, oligophenylenes, and oligofluorenes are typically synthesized and designed as wire-type functional materials. Meanwhile, we synthesized axially chiral 2,2'-methylenedioxy-bridged-1,1'-binaphthyl, quaternaphthalene, and octinaphthalene by bottom-up method from known binol.2,2'-Methylenedioxy-bridges led to a continuous extremely cisoid conformation and subsequent extensive conjugation in the rod direction. Therefore, the absorption and fluorescence (in solution) region were red-shifted as the number of naphthalene rings increased. Moreover, the bridged oligonaphthalenes strongly fluoresced in the solid state under UV light.

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