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Diallyl Maleate can be used in the synthesis of crosslinked resin material.

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Dimethyl Isophthalate(DMIP) |Diallyl ..

Organometallic nucleophiles for conjugate addition to diallylfumarates were evaluated. For the purpose of the initial screen, we examined only the 1,4-addition. The two catalysts utilized were the commercially available CuBr·SMe2 and easily synthesized bis(N-tert-butylsalicylideneaminato)copper(II), hereafter referred to as Cu(NtBu·sal)2.

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Tetrafunctional allyl ether monomer (4-AE) was prepared from trimethylolpropane diallyl ether (2-AE) and isophorone diisocyanate. The synthesis scheme is shown in . Trimethylolpropane tris-(3-mercaptopropionate) (3-SH) was used as the thiol monomer. The monomers were purchased from Aldrich Chemical and used without further purification. 2,2-Dimethoxy-2-phenylacetophenone (Irgacure 651, Ciba Specialty Chemicals) was used as the photoinitiator. A multicomponent eutectic LC

Diallyl Maleate CAS:999-21-3-RELIANCHEM

Diallyl fumarate Diallyl maleate Diallyl phthalate Dibutyl fumarate Dibutyl itaconate

The addition of diethylzinc (1.0 M in diethyl ether) to diallyl fumarate (entry 1) or diallyl maleate (entry 2) and subsequent rearrangement provides the disubstituted unsymmetrical succinate product in good yield and diastereocontrol. Diprenyl fumarate is also an effective reaction partner (entry 3), with SN2′displacement as a competitive process that slightly decreases the yield. The diastereoselectivity is eroded when a bulkier nucleophile, diisopropylzinc (1.0 M in toluene), is used (entry 4).

The conjugate addition of nonstabilized organometallic nucleophiles to α,β-unsaturated carbonyls is a staple of organic synthesis, but the fumarate and maleate electrophile subclass in this reaction family has received scant attention relative to simple enones and enoates. The comparative lack of research activity is surprising since maleic and fumaric acid derivatives represent cheap progenitors to functionalized succinic acids. Notable advances in this area have been reported. Ibuka and co-workers disclosed organocopper(I)–Lewis acid additions to fumarate esters that afforded good yields of the addition products; however, olefin reduction was a competing reaction pathway. Hayashi and co-workers have reported enantioselective rhodium-catalyzed 1,4-additions of arylboronic acids to fumarates and maleates. While these examples provide useful conjugate adducts, a nonobvious feature of the reported additions is that the carbonyls in the products are still functionally equivalent and therefore challenging to distinguish. In this paper, we describe the conjugate addition of dialkylzinc reagents to diallyl fumarates with subsequent Ireland–Claisen rearrangement to give unsymmetrical succinate products. A defining characteristic of the title reaction is chemodifferentiation of the two carbonyls that can be exploited in further selective manipulations.

DIALLYL MALEATE CAS#: 999-21-3 - ChemicalBook

Ludivine Bouvier-Fontes; Rosangela Pirri; José M. Asua; Jose R. Leiza. Cross-linking emulsion copolymerization of butyl acrylate with diallyl maleate. Clinica Chimica Acta. 2005, 43, (20), 4684-4694.

In summary, we have developed a tandem conjugate addition/Ireland–Claisen rearrangment of dialkylzinc reagents and allyl fumarates in good to excellent yields giving substituted succinate products. The reaction renders the two carboxyl groups non-equivalent; consequently, the products can be selectively manipulated in subsequent synthetic operations.

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  • Diallyl maleate (DAM) Maleic acid diallyl ester ..

    The ester is used for the synthesis of salt cross-linking resins based on epoxide-maleic acid monoallyl ester adduct

  • Synthesis, characterization, and curing of …

    | An unsaturated adduct has been synthesized by the Diels-Alder reaction between resin acids and diallyl maleate

  • Refractive Index of Polymers by Index « …

    Diallyl maleate has potential applications in polyester resins, adhesives, and ion exchange resins

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It is typically used for mild to moderate pain relief

Diallyl maleate has potential applications in polyester resins, adhesives, and ion exchange resins. When used at low levels, Diallyl Maleate is an effective agent for the promotion of branching in emulsion polymers.

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The first step involves the platinum catalyzed hydrosilylation of diallyl maleate (DAM) with trichlorosilane. By purifying the DAM and using Karstedt's Pt catalyst, one obtains the bis-trichlorosilyl intermediate in > 98% yield. The utilization of diallyl fumarate in this step does not provide significant advantage over the maleate isomer.

Synthesis of chemically crosslinked poly ..

Ludivine Bouvier-Fontes; Rosangela Pirri; José M. Asua; Jose R. Leiza. Cross-linking emulsion copolymerization of butyl acrylate with diallyl maleate. Clinica Chimica Acta. 2005, 43, (20), 4684-4694.T. Tsuruta; Y. Nakanishi; H. Shimba. Diallyl maleate homopolymer and its copolymers containing allyl diglycol carbonate as nuclear track detector. Radiation Measurements. 1956, 46, (1), 59-63.

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