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The synthesis variables, crystallization, structure ofsynthetic hectorite along with their characteristics are discussed.

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The general synthesis of hectorite-like ..

67This chapter makes a comprehensive and critical overview on thepreparation of hectorite-like solids, pillaring, properties andcatalytic applications of pillared interlayered synthetic hectoriteclays (PILCs).

Finally, the prospectsof synthetic hectorite-based materials are briefly remarked.

Making use of salt lake brine system and silicate systems, simulating the natural geological conditions of forming hectorite, a larger proportion and a wide range magnesium/ lithium ratio of salt lake brine synthetic multi-element materials were synthesized by hydrothermal method.

Fast microwave synthesis of hectorite - ResearchGate

Using synthetic hectorite clays with tuneable composition and highpurity as layered host precursors is much conducive to designed featuresand specific applications of PILCs, in contrast to using natural clayminerals with impurities plus other uncertain factors arising fromnatural deposits.

Three varieties of Mn-smectites (hectorite, stevensite and saponite) were hydrothermally synthesized for the first time using silicic acid, MnCO3 and Al(NO3)3・ 9H2O mixed with aqueous solutions of NaOH or LiOH. The staring materials were treated in the temperature range of 125-200oC for 72-168 h and the best synthesis temperature was found to be 175oC. A lower Mn/Si molar composition than stoichiometric ideal composition was found to be most effective for the formation of almost pure and crystalline phases, apparently high Si is needed for their satability. Powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and thermal properties of the Mn-hectorite product have been investigated and compared to those of Zn-hectorite, which was previously synthesized by us. Manganese hectorite showed slightly larger expandability upon glycerol treatment and lower dehydroxylation temperature in the range of 300- 450oC by DTA and TG as compared to Zn- hectorite.

Structure and properties of hectorite synthesized by ..

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  • Patent US3586478 - Synthetic hectorite-type clay …

    synthesis of hectorite.

  • Preparation of pure hectorite using microwaves - …

    Synthesis and properties of hectorite/poly(AM/IA) nanocomposite hydrogels with high gel strength

  • Preparation of pure hectorite using ..

    Experimental Section Synthesis White sodium hectorite (1) was prepared according to the method of Bergk and Woldt [10]

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