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T1 - Synthesis of sulfide- and disulfide-type bisaporphines from thebaine

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The air levels of hydrogen sulfide were not measured.

Twelve workmen in a plant that produced benzyl polysulfide were overcome by hydrogen sulfide gas, when a pipe used to transfer sodium sulfhydrate ruptured.

i) the manufacture of synthesis gas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (steam reforming))

It can be used with either manual or automatic sample collectors and, in the latter case, with continuous sampling, levels of hydrogen sulfide as low as 0.003 g/m3 (0.002 ppm) can be detected (Levaggi et al., 1972).

Complaints were mostly related to the odour of hydrogen sulfide gas.

Then the gases are passed over zinc oxide at ca 700 K and hydrogen sulfide is removed:

Though some small differences in susceptibility to hydrogen sulfide gas were exhibited among the species studied by Sayers et al., (1925), canaries being the most sensitive and goats the most resistant, the interspecies differences were slight.

It is agreed among investigators that the effects of hydrogen sulfide gas on the nervous system represent the most important aspect of its toxicity (Haggard, 1925; Evans, 1967).

The relative molecular mass of hydrogen sulfide is 34.08.

This sequence of events represents the most important toxic effect of hydrogen sulfide.

Whichever way the methane is obtained, it will contain some organic sulfur compounds and hydrogen sulfide, both of which must be removed. Otherwise, they will poison the catalyst needed in the manufacture of synthesis gas. In the desulfurisation unit, the organic sulfur compounds are often first converted into hydrogen sulfide, prior to reaction with zinc oxide. The feedstock is mixed with hydrogen and passed over a catalyst of mixed oxides of cobalt and molybdenum on an inert support (a specially treated alumina) at ca 700 K.

Super D® Hydrogen Peroxide is stabilized for those customers who prepare dilute hydrogen peroxide solutions requiring a long shelf life. When diluted to a 3% concentration with high quality de-ionized water, the dilution meets U.S. Pharmacopeia monograph specifications for topical solutions.

The characteristic "rotten egg" odour of hydrogen sulfide is well known.
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  • Hydrogen sulfide gas is rapidly absorbed through the lung.

    Sources of hydrogen sulfide

  • Acute hydrogen sulfide intoxication is a dramatic, often fatal event.

    Primary steam reforming converts methane and steam to synthesis gas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen:

  • Concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the workplace also vary widely.


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(1966) Fatal hydrogen sulfide intoxication.

The total synthesis of (+)-lithospermic acid is reported, which exploits two successive C−H activation reactions as key steps. Rh-catalyzed carbene C−H insertion reaction utilizing Davies’s catalyst was used to forge dihydrobenzofuran core, and a late-stage intermolecular C−H olefination coupled the olefin unit with the dihydrobenzofuran core to construct the molecule in a highly convergent manner.

(1951) Hydrogen sulfide poisoning in shale oil industry.

Chemical Synthesis Grades of hydrogen peroxide include Technical Grade and Chlorate Grade products. Technical Grade is frequently used in the synthesis of organic chemicals such as epoxides, organic peroxides and amine oxides. It is lightly stabilized for applications that are sensitive to residues or precipitates. Chlorate Grade is formulated specially for hypochlorite control in chlorate cells and will not interfere with electrode performance.

(1979) The combined toxicity of ethanol and hydrogen sulfide.

The manufacture of hydrogen involves several distinct processes. Figure 2 shows their sequence and the location within an ammonia plant (steps1-5). The converter used to make ammonia from the hydrogen is also shown (step 6). What occurs in each of these steps is described below the figure.

(1977) Hydrogen sulfide poisoning: review of 5 years' experience.

B-Cap™ Antimicrobial Agents are EPA registered and may be used for biofouling control in cooling and process water systems, as a paper mill biocide and for general slime control. Some grades are registered for manufacturing and can be used in any FIFRA registered product formulation using hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.

(1950) Sources of hydrogen sulfide in Wyoming.

OxyPure is used for removal of iron and hydrogen sulfide in ground water, for taste and odor control, and for destroying ozone and chlorine residuals in potable water treatment. OxyPure Hydrogen Peroxide is the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) approved product for drinking water applications.

(1967) The toxicity of hydrogen sulfide and other sulfides.


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