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SIS polymers degrade by chainscission of the polyisoprene chain.

T1 - Synthesis, characterization, and identification of N7-guanine adducts of isoprene monoepoxides in vitro

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Bureau incluues a study of isoprene and its relationship to rubber.

pile fibres, fabrics containing by weight 5% or more elastomeric yarn or rubber thread, warp knit fibres and wool or fine animal hair, cotton, synthetic and artificial fibres)

Isoprene is well known as a component of natural rubber and fundamental structure of terpenoids.

The Bridgestone Group is promoting a variety of initiatives for creating "100% sustainable materials*4" by 2050, but IR extracted from crude oil feedstock is a market with limited potential for supply. The Group has been searching for ways to procure raw materials from renewable resources to ensure the supply of sustainable resources. Polymerized IR has been successfully polymerized at this time using isoprene produced with biomass by Ajinomoto, which has the world's most advanced fermentation technologies. This development could be a major catalyst for achieving the Group's goal of a sustainable society. In addition, IR bonded with isoprene from biomass feedback using the Group's proprietary polymerization catalyst*5 technologies can verify the practical feasibility of IR.

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Another important way in which isoprene units are joined together is in the formation of rubber.

The technology for this synthesis process was practically completed in 1963. Nevertheless, the company could not jump onto the stage of commercialization immediately because there were still issues the needed to be resolved first, such as the establishment of a suitable distribution system. Under these unavoidable circumstances, the company had to discontinue even relevant R&D activities for a time. Later, growth of the automotive industry spurred correspondingly rapid growth in the synthetic rubber industry, which led to acceleration of the mass production of polyisoprene rubber in the United States. the company's synthesis process technology was now in a prime position to steal back the spotlight.

A pilot plant was built at the Kurashiki Plant in 1967 to complete putting in place the industrialization technology. In parallel, a marketing team was organized in 1968 to conduct further market research and development of promising markets. In April 1972, the mass production of polyisoprene rubber was launched at the company's Kashima Plant at long last.

Isoprene readily polymerizes exothermically to form rubber ..


4. The method according to claim 1, wherein the tert-butanol formed in the area of hydration, is subjected to dehydration in isobutan preferably combined reactive distillation method and from 20 to 90% tert-butanol is fed into the system for the production of isoprene and isobutene.

1. The method of producing isobutene, isoprene and, possibly, tert-butanol Isobutyraldehyde ()4-faction(s), including hydration isobutene in C4-faction(s), the Stripping of unreacted4-hydrocarbons from tert-butanol, dehydration of tert-butanol, contacting isopotential4-faction and possibly tert-butanol with water(and) solution(s) of formaldehyde and acid, the distillation of at least the remaining4-hydrocarbons and decay of intermediates at elevated temperatures with the formation and subsequent separation of isoprene and isobutene, characterized in that the source(s) isopotential(s) fraction(s) at least partially subjected to hydration on sulfocationites the catalytic site of hydration at a moderate supply of water in the quantity compensative its spending on reaction with isobutene, and conclusion in the composition of the organic layer containing mainly a mixture of unreacted4-hydrocarbons and the resulting tert-butanol conversion of isobutene from 40 to 80%, at least part of the organic SL which I distinguish by distillation stream, mainly containing tert-butanol, and the flow of unreacted4-hydrocarbons containing from 10 to 40% of isobutene, which in contact with water(and) solution(s) of formaldehyde and acid, and the formed intermediates after distillation, at least With the remaining4the hydrocarbons are subjected to liquid-phase or gas-phase catalyzed decomposition at elevated temperatures with the formation of isoprene, isobutene and by-products, and the specified stream containing predominantly tert-butanol, at least partially fed to the zone of decomposition intermediates directly and/or after contacting with at least water(and) solution(s) of formaldehyde and acid in the additional reaction zone, and the remainder to the specified stream containing predominantly tert-butanol, dehydration with getting isobutene.

V-ribbed), of vulcanised rubber, of an outside circumference exceeding 180 cn but not exceeding 240 cm
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  • Synthesis, Bromination and Cure of Isobutylene/Isoprene…

    However, these polymers alsocontain an unsaturated elastomer, or rubber unit, consisting of isoprene and1,3-butadiene.

  • Progress of synthesis and application of trans-1,4-polyisoprene

    A prenylated benzoic acid with a side chain formed of two isoprene units has also been isolated from the leaves of

  • The Story of the Birth of New Products(Isoprenes) ..

    V-ribbed), of vulcanised rubber, of an outside circumference exceeding 60 cm but not exceeding 180 cm

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"Enzymatic Synthesis of Isoprene from ..

From WG on line 5 output mix (organic layer)containing mainly With4-hydrocarbons (with part of isobutene) and tert-butanol (TBS). It is fully or partially served (line 5B) in a distillation column K1 to separate the required number tert-BU is anola. As distillate from K1 on line 6 output stream With4-hydrocarbons, which are sent, possibly after mixing with part IIF-2 (line 2B) and the remaining part of the organic layer (line 5A), to the synthesis of isoprene.


Obtaining pure isobutene not necessarily carried out completely or partially in the special(s) area(s) dehydration of tert-butanol. Alternatively, most or all of the resulting tert-butanol can be directed into the system of production of isoprene in the area(s) of synthesis intermediates and/or area(s) of degradation intermediates. This dehydration of tert-butanol is carried out together with the decomposition of intermediates (DMD and possibly 1,3-methylbutanol) in isoprene. Net isobutan extracted from forming(them)to the area(s) decomposition of a mixture of(s) mainly through rectification and possibly water washing and it (or its part) is fed to the polymerization zone (e.g., butyl rubber) and/or as a reagent for organic synthesis.

widely used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber and plastics

In the reactor for the synthesis of intermediates for isoprene (PC1) in the specified thread 6 (and possibly 2B) serves on line 11 aqueous solution of formaldehyde and line 14 is recirculated aqueous solution of the acid (corrosion inhibitors).

Synthesis of functionalized liquid rubbers from polyisoprene

- decomposition of intermediates is carried out mainly in the liquid flow moving upward in the vertical(s) heated(s) reaction(s) area(s) with the supply of water and acid(s) layer(s) from the specified(s) zone(s) of the synthesis intermediates of isoprene, with continuous distillation of isoprene, isobutene and parts of water and recirculation of liquid water-acid solution, preferably after separation of high-boiling by-products, in the area(s) of the synthesis intermediates of isoprene and probably partially from the bottom to the indicated zone decomposition intermediates;

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