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synthesis of 10 studies to explore reasons for ..

The malaria parasite requires amino acids for the synthesis of its proteins

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Glossary | Linus Pauling Institute | Oregon State University

A controlled study in two regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo (total population 28,000) reported a two-fold reduction in mean malaria prevalence and incidence and a five- to six-fold decrease in parasitological indices in the region receiving the intervention compared to the control region. However, no change in malaria mortality rates was reported and a large number of fever cases (24%) remained untreated.

synthesis, antiplasmodial and admet studies of 4-methylamino-2-phenylquinoline analogs

In a study of 118 cases of malaria in Mangalore, Nagesh Pai, Satish Rao and B.S. Kakkilaya found varied psychiatric manifestations. Most of these patients were already on antimalarial treatment at the time of referral to the psychiatric service (unpublished data).

Biochemistry of Plasmodium --Brief Overview

4. Do not administer the following: Corticosteroids; other anti inflammatory drugs; anti oedema drugs like mannitol, urea, invert sugar; low molecular weight dextran; adrenaline; heparin; pentoxifylline; hyperbaric oxygen; ciclosporin etc. The efficacy of hypertonic mannitol in treatment of cerebral edema is not proven. Therapy with monoclonal antibodies against TNF-a shortens the duration of fever, but has no impact on mortality in patients with severe and complicated malaria, and may increase morbidity due to neurologic sequelae. Although corticosteroids were used in the past to treat patients with cerebral malaria, a controlled trial has shown that they are harmful. Those who received dexamethasone had a longer duration of coma and worse outcome than did patients who received antimalarial chemotherapy alone. Results of studies of antipyretics, pentoxifylline, hyperimmune serum, and iron chelators (deferoxamine) have shown no effect on outcome.[1]

My current thesis involving ¿Synthesis of fluorescent anti-malarial drug probes and evaluation within plasmodium falciparum¿ addresses the above requirement for a robust, fast, sensitive, & portable diagnostic technique for determination of drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum strains within patient blood samples.

Artesunate (AS) is a medication used to treat malaria

A large, prospective autopsy study of children dying with cerebral malaria in Malawi found that malarial retinopathy was better than any other clinical or laboratory feature in distinguishing malarial from non-malarial coma. The malarial retinopathy consists of four main components: retinal whitening, vessel changes, retinal hemorrhages, and papilledema. The first two of these abnormalities are specific to malaria, and are not seen in other ocular or systemic conditions.

Vascular permeability is found to be mildly increased, however, no definite evidence of cerebral edema has been found on imaging studies. 80% children with cerebral malaria have raised ICT, due to increased cerebral blood volume and biomass rather than increased permeability. The mechanism of coma is not clearly known. Increased cerebral anaerobic glycolysis, intereference with neurotransmission by sequestered and highly metabolically active parasites have been blamed. Cytokines induce nitric oxide synthesis in leukocytes, smooth muscle cells, microglia and endothelium and NO is a potent inhibitor of neurotransmission.

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    Our studies demonstrate the occurrence of de novo fatty acid synthesis in ..

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Malaria epidemics in Europe after the First World War: …

Research: The authors stated that research was needed to help inform programme development, policy decisions and implementation of home-based management of malaria in Africa. Studies should address the impact of home- and community-based treatment on malaria-associated morbidity and mortality in different epidemiological settings, especially those with perennial transmission. Outcomes should include optimal home-based management of malaria regimen, methods of supply distribution and maintenance, use of incentives, implementation in different settings, safety, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and risk of emergent drug-resistance associated with artemisinin-based combination therapies also needed to be established.

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The phytochemical database housed at the U.S. Department of Agriculture has documented lapachol as being antiabscess, anticarcinomic, antiedemic, anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, antiseptic, antitumorous, antiviral, bactericidal, fungicidal, insectifugal, pesticidal, protisticidal, respiratory depressant, schistosomicidal, termiticidal, and viricidal. It's not surprising that pau d'arco's beneficial effects were seen to stem from its lapachol content. But another chemical in pau d'arco, beta-lapachone, has been studied closely of late-and a number of recent patents have been filed on it. It has demonstrated in laboratory studies to have activities similar to lapachol (antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antitumorous, antileukemic, and anti-inflammatory), with few side-effects. In one of these studies on beta-lapachone and other quinones in pau d'arco, researchers reported: "Because of their potent activity against the growth of human keratinocytes, some lapachol-derived compounds appear to be promising as effective antipsoriatic agents." In a 2002 U.S. patent, beta-lapachone was cited to have significant anticancerous activity against human cancer cell lines including: promyelocytic leukemia, prostate, malignant glioma, colon, hepatoma, breast, ovarian, pancreatic, multiple myeloma cell lines and drug-resistant cell lines. In yet another U.S. patent, beta-lapachone was cited with the ability to inhibit the growth of prostate tumors.

Protein Synthesis -Translation and Regulation

A pre/post study, also in Burkina Faso, found a decrease in the proportion of malaria cases documented as severe in the first year of the programme compared to the previous three years: 3.8% (258/6,725) versus 4.9% (704/14,314), p=0.0005.

This tutorial introduces endoplasmic reticulum

In addition to its reported antitumor and antileukemic activities, pau d'arco clearly has demonstrated broad spectrum actions against a number of disease-causing microorganisms, which supports its wide array of uses in herbal medicine. Antimicrobial properties of many of pau d'arco's active phytochemicals were demonstrated in several clinical studies, in which they exhibited strong activity against bacteria, fungi, and yeast (including C, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and dysentery). In addition to its isolated chemicals, a hot water extract of pau d'arco demonstrated antibacterial actions against , (the bacteria that commonly causes stomach ulcers), and . A water extract of pau d'arco was reported (in other clinical research) to have strong activity against 11 fungus and yeast strains. Pau d'arco and its chemicals also have demonstrated in vitro antiviral properties against various viruses, including Herpes I and II, influenza, polio virus, and vesicular stomatitis virus. Its antiparasitic actions against various parasites (including malaria, schistosoma, and trypanosoma) have been confirmed as well. Finally, bark extracts of pau d'arco have demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity and have shown success against a wide range of induced inflammation in mice and rats.

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