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High pressure synthesis of metastable multiferroics

Peculiarities of a solid-state synthesis of multiferroic polycrystalline BiFeO3.

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Synthesis Of Nano Bismuth Ferrite Multiferroics By ..

Dr. Oleg Ignatenko, Deputy Director and Head of the Laboratory of High Pressure Physics and Superhard Materials of the Scientific and Practical Material Research Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus presented a review of the high-pressure techniques that are used in production of materials with unique properties. In particular, high-pressure synthesis is applied in preparation of metastable perovskites – multiferroics that are under study in the TUMOCS project. An impact of high pressure on states and properties of materials was demonstrated by example of structure transformations that occur in the Earth crust and mantle. Transformation of graphite to diamond in kimberlite pipes at a pressure that is 4-5 orders of magnitude higher than the atmospheric pressure is the most known. Diamonds and other superhard materials can be produced in laboratory conditions. Dr. Ignatenko presented the experimental techniques, which are used in the high-pressure syntheses, and compare their advantage and drawbacks. Progress of the Laboratory of High Pressure Physics and Superhard Materials in preparation of materials for productions of machining tools, jewellery and electronic components was shown.

Synthesis and multiferroic properties of BFO ceramics by melt-phase sintering.

and and and (2012)Synthesis Of Nano Bismuth Ferrite Multiferroics By Microcontroller Based Thermogravimetric Analyzer. International Journal of Scientific Research, 1 (4). pp. 118-119. ISSN 2277 - 8179

Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

Dr. Pascal Manuel, Instrument Scientist from STFC-ISIS – Pulsed Neutron and Muon Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Didcot, UK) gave a lecture entitled “Advanced neutron diffraction for functional materials”. In this lecture, he reviewed some recent developments in neutron instrumentation and sample environment which have enabled cutting edge experiments to be performed on functional materials.
After a brief introduction on what makes neutrons unique for studying materials, he proceeded to explain how new instrumentation now routinely allows magnetic structure determination from small powder samples made by high pressure synthesis and even from sub-100nm thick thin films. New developments in high magnetic fields and high pressure cells were also illustrated by the recent neutron diffraction studies of multiferroics.

Dr. Edmondo Gilioli, a leader of High-Pressure lab and Thin Films lab at the Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism (IMEM-CNR, Parma, Italy) was invited to University of Aveiro to give a lecture and to discuss possible ways of collaboration in respect of preparation and exploration of new multiferroic materials. In his talk "High-pressure synthesis of metastable multiferroics", Dr. Gilioli overviewed series of multiferroic manganites with perovskite-based structures synthesized at IMEM-CNR using high-pressure/high temperature techniques. Increasing the structural complexity, from conventional perovskite (i.e: AMnO3) to double- (A2BMnO6) and quadruple-perovskite (AMn7O12), the fundamental role of the high pressure synthesis and the effects of the chemical substitution (AMn7O12, where A=Bi, La, Y) on the magneto-electric properties were considered.

IIT Indore was established in 2009

- E. Gilioli, High pressure synthesis of metastable multiferroics, Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal (July/18th, 2017).

How to find and synthesize new multiferroics showing strong magnetoelectric coupling
1. Synthesis of magnetically-induced ferroelectrics (mainly perovskite manganites, and triangular lattice antiferromagnets)
2. Synthesis of magnetically-induced ferroelectrics (ferrites and others)

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    Synthesis and characterisation of materials with potential multiferroic behaviour

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    "Synthesis of multifunctional multiferroic materials from organometallics," Coord.

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