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Silica/Gold Hybrid Nanoparticles for Imaging and Therapy

Asymmetric coating of gold nanoparticles can be carried out simply by mixing Dimer particles with gold nanoparticles.

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Green Synthesis of Metallic Nanoparticles via ..

Figure S8. TEM images of sub-50 nm spherical gold nanoparticle superstructures (a–d) 48 hrs after adding HAuCl4/TEAA solution to a BP-A3-PEPAu solution in HEPES. (e) Diameter distribution of superstructures (29.43 ± 0.34 nm; based on 115 counts). (f) Size distribution of gold nanoparticles comprising the superstructures (6.15 ± 0.14 nm; based on 180 counts).

T1 - One-step synthesis of star-like gold nanoparticles for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

23. Kim BH, Lee N, Kim H, Am K, Park YI, Choi Y, Shin K, Lee Y, Kwon SG, Na HB, Park J-G, Ahn T-Y, Kim Y-W, Moon WK, Choi SH, Hyeon T. Large-scale synthesis of uniform and extremely small-sized iron oxide nanoparticles for high-resolution 1 magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents. 2011;133:12624-31

non-functionalized gold nanoparticles aggregate upon the ..

The electronicstructure and properties of gold nanoparticles are discussed.

Figure S5. UV-Vis spectrum of the large spherical gold nanoparticle superstructures formed using BP-A2-PEPAu. The spectrum was collected in HEPES solution. The absorbance maximun is observed at 656 nm.

Figure S4. Additional TEM images of large spherical gold nanoparticle superstructures obtained 48 hrs (a–c) and 84 hrs (d–f) after adding the HAuCl4/TEAA solution to a BP-A2- PEPAu solution in HEPES. (g) Diameters of the superstructures ranged from ~60 nm to ~270 nm. (h) Size distribution of gold nanoparticles comprising the superstructures (6.71 ± 0.24 nm; based on 200 counts)


Figure S9. UV-Vis spectrum of the sub-50 nm spherical gold nanoparticle superstructures formed using BP-A3-PEPAu. The spectrum was collected in HEPES solution. The absorbance maximun is observed at 540 nm.

We have shown that peptide conjugate methodology for synthesizing and assembling nanoparticle superstructures can be used to prepare two different kinds of spherical structures. Importantly, we have demonstrated that small modifications to the peptide sequence, in this case addition of a single alanine residue, can significantly impact the diameter of the resulting spherical nanoparticle superstructure. In addition, we have shown that small procedural modifications, such as a second addition of gold salt, can affect nanoparticle superstructure distribution. These results point toward the versatility of this methodology and the rich structural diversity that can easily be achieved when this methodology is employed in a logical and thoughtful manner.

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  • Gold Nanoparticles - Nanocs | Innovative Life Science …

    Keywords: nanoparticles, iron oxide, gold, contrast agents, MRI, optical imaging, miRNA delivery, theranostics.

  • Synthesis of non-spherical gold nanoparticles.

    Chapter two describes the synthesis of gold nanoparticles from various chemicalreduction techniques.

  • Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles - Beloit College

    Theoptical properties of the gold nanoparticles were studied by UV/Vis spectroscopy.

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Three Syntheses of Gold Nanoparticles

Surprisingly, no linear nanoparticle superstructures were observed, even though tubular micelles, which could also potentially serve as templates for nanoparticle assembly, were also present (). We speculate that the spherical nanoparticle assemblies may be the exclusive product because spheres are the primary structures present upon the addition of the gold salt solution. Therefore, the gold nanoparticles would first grow on these structures, resulting in the sub-50 nm spherical nanoparticle superstructure products. The tubular structures which appear after prolonged incubation (vide supra) must then form from spherical stuctures which are not decorated by gold nanoparticles. Interestingly, when a msecond aliquot of the HAuCl4/TEAA solution was added six hours after adding the first aliquot, a mixture of both spherical and linear nanoparticle superstructures resulted (). We can reason that the first dose of gold salt led to the formation of the spherical nanoparticle superstructures while the second dose allowed formation of the linear structures. Thus, one can either produce exclusively spherical nanoparticle superstructures or a mixture of spherical and linear superstructures depending on the gold salt dosing regimen.

Gold Nanoparticles in Non-Polar ..

The effect of irradiation time on the size and shape ofgold nanoparticles was investigated by UV-Visible spectroscopy and TransmissionElectron Microscopy (TEM).

Microbial synthesis of Flower-shaped gold nanoparticles

Figure S10. TEM images of (a) spherical and (b–d) linear gold nanoparticle superstructures. The sample used for the image (a) was produced 20 hrs after adding a first aliquot of the HAuCl4/TEAA solution to a BP-A3-PEPAu solution in HEPES. This TEM grid was stained with 2% phosphotungstic acid. One can observe the sub-50 nm spherical nanoparticle assemblies as well as bare fibrillar structures in this TEM image. The samples used for the images (b–d) were produced in the following way: 1) BP-A3-PEPAu was incubated for 30 min in HEPES buffer and 2) HAuCl4/TEAA solution was added to the BP-A3-PEPAu solution and the resulting mixture was allowed to incubate for 6 hrs, and 3) a second aliquot of the HAuCl4/TEAA solution was added to the mixture and then allowed to incubate for (b) 16 hrs and (c–d) 20 hrs.

Buscar Gold Nanoparticles Obter resultados em 6 Motores à vez

In Chapter three the anisotropic gold nanoparticles synthesized by a UV-irradiationtechnique through the interaction of HAuCl4 and a stabilizing agent, poly (vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) are presented.

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