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Grignard degradation at one time was a tool in structure elucidation in which a Grignard RMgBr formed from a heteroaryl bromide HetBr reacts with water to Het-H (bromine replaced by a hydrogen atom) and MgBrOH. This method allows the determination of the number of halogen atoms in an . In modern usage Grignard degradation is used in the chemical analysis of certain triacylglycerols.

A side reaction may take place in the reaction between phenylmagnesium bromide and ..

The Grignard reagent is readily prepared from 4-bromo--dimethylaniline. Addition of this Grignard reagent to diethyl carbonate, followed by acid hydrolysis gives the triarylmethane dye Crystal Violet. Addition of the Grignard reagent to methyl benzoate, followed by acid hydrolysis gives the dye Malachite Green. A procedure suitable for an undergraduate laboratory course is presented.

Mechanism for grignard synthesis ..

Reaction mechanism of Diethyl Carbonate with Phenylmagnesium Bromide to form ..

The disadvantage of Grignard reagents is that they readily react with (such as water), or with functional groups with protons, such as alcohols and amines. In fact, atmospheric humidity in the lab can dictate one's success when trying to synthesize a Grignard reagent from magnesium and an . One of many methods used to exclude water from the reaction atmosphere is to flame-dry the reaction vessel to evaporate all moisture, which is then sealed to prevent moisture from returning.

A Grignard reagent can also be involved in . For example, nonylmagnesium bromide reacts with an aryl chloride to a nonyl benzoic acid, in the presence of iron(III) acetylacetonate. Ordinarily, the Grignard reagent will attack the ester over the .

1.12g phenylmagnesium bromide would form 0.754g benzoic acid

The formation of a tertiary alcohol from two moles of phenylmagnesium bromide ..

Bromobenzene + Magnesium --> Phenylmagnesium Bromide In the experiment I used 0.70mL ..
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  • The reaction of phenylmagnesium bromide with …

    Phenylmagnesium bromide, with the simplified formula C 6 H 5 MgBr, is a magnesium-containing organometallic compound

  • of phenylmagnesium bromide in ..

    (Phenylmagnesium bromide) ..


    So you would term this Grignard reagent "phenylmagnesium bromide ..

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