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It's "Table of Content"...(my teacher told me):D

There are many contents. So it should be "Table of Contents". Always it should be in plural form. See here also:

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yeah...I agree yobro, I think it's Table of content

Let thine ear be the guide. Table of Contents, new, old or in between rolls off the tongue more easily than does Table of Content. Grammatical conventions evolve and are NOT cast in concrete. This one has clearly evolved away from Table of Content, enumeration options notwithstanding. g

Of course

A thesis generally takes a structure similar to an essay, although a thesis is a Abstract – a summary of the research, usually 300-500 words, including the aims,. Report writing for Honours students - University of St Andrews read papers in the relevant areas: these will provide plenty of examples of how to write your report. .. accurate summary of the main content of your thesis. senior thesis manual - UT College of Liberal Arts - The University of departmental honors adviser a thesis proposal with the name and Table of Contents .. Turabian, Kate A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and. Guidelines for writing the Honours thesis | School of Languages This information will help you approach writing your LLCL Honours thesis. This document is only a distillation of some points particularly relevant to the helpful to a reading of the thesis; acknowledgements; table of contents; list of tables and Honours Thesis Handbook - Faculty of Social Science and Humanities Table of Contents UNDERGRADUATE HONOURS THESIS OVERVIEW . Project Proposal (to be submitted along with Honours Thesis Application) . . research and writing an extended paper requires self-discipline and strong TRU Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry Format of Format of the Honours Thesis The text of the Abstract, Thesis, Appendices and Literature (The Table of Contents or Lists of Figures and . The thesis must be printed on high-quality 'thesis' paper for binding- standard photocopy paper is. Dissertation Handbook - DIT Dissertation Handbook: Guidelines for final year undergraduates and taught MA students It is easier to spot errors on paper than on screen. These include the title page itself, acknowledgements, table of contents page, lists of table .. To obtain 1st Class Honours a project should be exceptional, indicate fairly extensive Formatting Your HC Thesis | Honors College | Oregon State University table of contents, thesis chapters, tables, graphics, bibliography, appendices, etc. The Honors College has established formatting requirements for the “pre-text” Front flyleaf: The front flyleaf is a blank sheet of paper that provides added Honors Theses - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill Writing a senior honors thesis, or any major research essay, can seem .. made all changes to the body of the thesis, then type up your table of contents with the Guidelines for Preparing an Honours Geography Thesis f) laser printing of a final draft of the thesis (including cost of paper); . Spend a few hours pouring over the tables of contents of recent back issues of academic Guidelines for the Preparation of an Undergraduate Thesis in EEB Copies of the Honors theses of all previous Biology students are filed in the Honors Table of contents. Onionskin and correctable paper are not acceptable.

How to Write a Table of Contents (with Examples) - wikiHow

You should place your analysis in a broader context, and highlight the implications (regional, global, etc.) of your work.

I think the key factor is that "content" is preceded by "table". A table is an array of data which would force content to take the plural form. While you're correct that all the information in the book would be "content", a table of it makes it "contents".

I can't see why it shouldn't be "table of contents".
The contents are plural things, right? Bits, pieces, ingredients, constituents, call them what you will.
I think what's causing some confusion here is that the individual contents, when combined, make up the whole, which is your content.
But the table shows the individual bits and pieces, i.e. *plural* contents.

How to Write a Table of Contents

table of content bro.

The first assignment is to produce a research report (max. 3000 words) based on an analysis of qualitative data you will each collect by undertaking an interview. Your task is to conduct an interview, record it, transcribe a sample of your recordings, undertake some initial analysis of the content of the conversation and reflect on the process of collecting data this way. It is expected you will support this using insights gained by your wider reading on the subject of qualitative interviewing.

I agree with glee. With glee I agree with glee. Add "table of contents" to those other eccentricities like "a pair of pants," which is singular, and "a head of hair [not hairs]", which is always plural. I suspect the table was added later on to what may originally have been simply "Contents," which we still might see on other containers besides books.

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    It is 'Table of Content'!!!

  • 26-06-2017 · How to Write a Table of Contents

    [My thanks to Richard CARRIER for a list of works containing tables ofcontents which are probably authorial]

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    Many scientists read only the abstract, figures, figure captions, tables, table captions, and conclusions of a paper.

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Include a Table of Contents and lists of figures and tables

Firstly, as far as I can tell the chapter divisions themselves arelater,and the titles placed there were extracted from the summaries at the front ofeach book (this can be seen from book 1, where the numbering in the summaries atthe front does not correspond to the divisions in the text). As such, the assignment of wording to a given chapter is thework of a late-antique or medieval scribe. This leaves us with the summaries at thestart of the book. However, the wording in the summary, if the summary follows the order of thecontents, would seem to refer to this section of the body of the textanyway.

Video: Table of Contents: Examples and Format

Try googling table of content without inverted commas, and nearly every entry is for table of contents. Use inverted commas to narrow the search, and it comes up with about 3 million to 186 million for the contents version. In Google Books it's 42,000 to just under 25 million. That's less than 2% for the singular version in general search, and less than 0.2 percent in Google Books. Table of Contents is what we are all used to seeing in books, and I don't suppose publishers think they are 'relegating the worth of a book to its size rather than its content.' As glee says, it's much the more natural choice.

the table of contents is often a requirement from a course instructor

In other words, both are correct depending on your view of what is a book. To me, "Table of Content" sounds more natural as what is a book if not the sum of its ideas. A book is not the sum of its chapters; that would be to relegate the worth of a book to its size rather than its content.

When creating a table of contents for an APA …

@the Table of Content fans - The content of a book is its subject matter and the actual writing (eg 'it's all style and no content'); the various chapters are its contents (things that are contained in something). Look at your cereal packet, it talks about the contents, not the content. The Table of Contents is simply a list of chapters, not a guide to the content of the book; that's the job of the blurb. Just check a dictionary.

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