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Voice prosthesis (tracheo oesophageal puncture or TEP)

TEP with Voice Prosthesis

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Voice Prosthesis for Voice Rehabilitation Following …

Comment: Several commenters expressed support for CMS' proposal to assign the national average of 1.0 to each GPCI in Puerto Rico, stating that the physicians in Puerto Rico who treat patients enrolled in fee-for-service Medicare will be reimbursed in a manner that more closely aligns with the manner in which physicians in the other U.S. territories are reimbursed, and better reflects the cost of practicing medicine in Puerto Rico. Other commenters supporting the proposal also suggested that there has been a need for revision of Medicare payment in Puerto Rico, and that the territories of the U.S. have not been treated similarly even though the territories are much alike. Another commenter stated that the existing fee schedule for Puerto Rico does not correlate with the cost of caring for patients, and that the proposed policy is long overdue. Some commenters also stated that increasing the GPCI's for Puerto Rico is an important and necessary first step in trying to salvage Puerto Rico's deteriorated health system.

Blom-Singer ADVANTAGE Indwelling Voice Prosthesis - …

Comments: Several commenters stated their support of CMS' decision to propose the values recommended by the refinement panel for CPT codes 66170 and 66172. Some commenters, including the RUC, also brought to our attention discrepancies between our proposal for these codes in the CY 2017 proposed rule and the work RVUs posted in Addendum B on the CMS Web site.

Blom TEP 1.5 Day Course - InHealth Technologies

Comment: Several commenters disagreed with the CMS proposal to reduce the quantity of the Hemostatic patch (SG095) from 2 to 1 for CPT codes 36904, 36905, and 36906. Commenters stated that two hemostatic patches are necessary in these procedures because they require two separate cannulations and sheaths. At the end of the case, both sheath sites are removed and covered with a hemostatic patch which aids in preventing bleeding and maintaining sterility. The commenters stressed that because there are two access sites, two hemostatic patches are required, one to cover each site.

For CPT codes 67107, 67108, 67110, and 67113, several commenters supported CMS' decision to propose the values recommended by the refinement panel and urged CMS to finalize these proposed values. A few commenters, including the RUC, brought to our attention discrepancies between our proposal for these codes and the work RVUs posted in Addendum B on the CMS Web site.

Text to Speech Apps - Webwhispers

Comment: One commenter suggested that the difficulties posed by the patient population for the Dialysis Circuit codes were not sufficiently reflected in the RUC recommendations. The commenter stated that the patients receiving dialysis circuit services are extremely sick, and every step in the process of caring for those patients is more complex than those involved in caring for the average Medicare patient. The commenter stated that CMS underestimated the amount of time required to perform specific tasks and assumes that those tasks can be performed by individuals with lower levels of training and credentials than are used in typical practice. The commenter requested a series of direct PE refinements to this family of codes, many of which went above the original RUC recommendations, including clinical labor times significantly above the usual standards and using clinical labor staffing types outside the normal range. The commenter stated an intention to present data to support the recommendations at a later date.

Comment: Several commenters stated that the cumulative impact of reimbursement reductions for the Dialysis Circuit family of codes in physician work and practice expense would be quite dramatic. The commenters compared the total RVU of the old codes against the total RVU of the newly created codes and found a decrease of roughly 20-30 percent. Commenters expressed concern that if the proposed rates were to be implemented, many outpatient access centers that focus on providing care for ESRD patients might no longer be able to operate.

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  • Tracheoesophageal Puncture for Voice Prosthesis

    The Blom-Singer Indwelling voice prosthesis is an indwelling style, clinician-placed voice prosthesis

  • Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis Outcomes: Success …

    Course Description

  • Device Life of the Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis Revisited

    Whether using ties, clips or an adhesive housing, it is important to ensure the Larytube is sufficiently secured

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Device Life of the Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis ..

CPT code 31588 (Laryngoplasty, not otherwise specified (e.g., for burns, reconstruction after partial laryngectomy)) was identified as potentially misvalued based on the RUC's 90-Day Global Post-Operative Visits screen. When this code family was reviewed by the RUC, it was determined that some codes in the family required revision to reflect the typical patient before a survey could be conducted and the code family was referred to the CPT Editorial Panel for revision. At its October 2015 meeting, the CPT Editorial Panel approved the creation of six new codes, revision of three codes, and deletion of three codes. For CPT codes 31580, 31587, 31551, 31552, 31553, 31554, and 31592, CMS proposed the RUC-recommended work RVUs.

The treatment of choice for alaryngeal speech rehabilitation

Response: We took into consideration many factors when determining the appropriate global period of this service. While we understand that the new coding was partly designed to address the appropriateness of a 90-day global period, we continue to believe that a 0-day, rather than a 90-day, global period is more appropriate for this code, since we believe that the patient would likely already be receiving post-operative care because of other injuries. We also believe that the practitioner who performs the original procedure may not typically be performing the follow-up care, and shifting to a 0-day global period will allow the appropriate practitioner to report the follow up care, when appropriate.

Vocal and Speech Rehabilitation Following …

As discussed in section II.C, we proposed use of new HCPCS G-codes, G0508 (Telehealth consultation, critical care, physicians typically spend 60 minutes communicating with the patient via telehealth (initial) and G0509 (Telehealth consultation, critical care, physicians typically spend 50 minutes communicating with the patient via telehealth (subsequent)), to report telehealth consultations for a patient requiring critical care services, such as a stroke patient. We noted that due to limited coding granularity for high-intensity cognitive services, in the PFS, we did not believe there is an intuitive crosswalk code for ideal estimation of the work and time values for G0508. In general, we believed that the overall work for G0508 is not as great as 99291 (Critical care, evaluation and management of the critically ill or critically injured patient; first 30-74 minutes) but that the service involves more work than HCPCS code G0427 (Telehealth consultation, emergency department or initial inpatient, typically 70 minutes or more communicating with the patient via telehealth). We believe that G0508 is most accurately valued by a crosswalk to the work RVU and physician intra-service time of CPT code 38240 (Hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC); allogeneic transplantation per donor). Therefore, we proposed a work RVU of 4.0 and solicited comment on the accuracy of these assumptions. We did not believe that direct PE inputs would typically be involved with furnishing this service from the distant site. For G0509 we proposed a work RVU of 3.86 based on a crosswalk from G0427. We believed that G0427 has similar overall work intensity to G0509 and has a similar intraservice time. We also believed that no direct PE inputs would typically be associated with furnishing this service from the distant site.

Blom-Singer ADVANTAGE Indwelling Voice Prosthesis …

Response: At this time, in accordance with the statute, we are requiring the FX modifier to be used whenever an imaging service is an X-ray taken using film. As stated, the statute requires that if an imaging service is an X-ray taken using film, a reduction in payment is to occur. The statutory requirement applies at the service level, not based on where the service is furnished or the method used to store images. There is no provision for an exception to the payment reduction based on the availability of various technologies or the use of certain image archiving technology at a particular site.

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