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Proposal 8: The linear velocity of the Milky Way galaxy is 9787 m/s relative to the source of the Big Bang

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The Big Bang Theory (season 5) - Wikipedia

It is assumed that the Big Bang occurred when a 's integrity was compromised by . This would occur when gravitational force () is identical to Coulomb’s repulsion force (). We can use ' theory to find the mass (m) that would generate this pressure.

The masses of gas released during the big bang cooled to form stars and galaxies.

The value and legitimacy of the Big Bang hypothesis is properly tried by the self-correcting processes of the scientific community every time new data comes to light (83), and that is the way it should be.

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Who is this public that he suggests should scrutinise the Big Bang hypothesis?

Sincethe Big Bang, therefore, (at most 20 billion years ago) galaxies could havemoved only about 65 million light-years.
However, in 1986 Brent Tully, an astronomer from the University of Hawaii,discovered that “almost all the galaxies within a distance of a billionlight-years of earth are concentrated into huge ribbons of matter about abillion light-years long, three hundred million light-years wide, and onehundred million light-years thick” (Lerner, 1991, p.

In the first statement above de Quincey fails to acknowledge that informationexchange is essential for homogeneity and that information exchange betweenwidely separated regions of our universe cannot happen in the time availablesince the Big Bang.

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But your conclusion that the big bang is"not a myth" doesn't follow from the data.

Gravity driven acoustic oscillations were present in this fluid and the greatest amplitude of fluctuation that we observe was where the frequency corresponds exactly to a single compression between Big Bang and the surface of last scattering.

In order to determine the current baryon density, one must convert the primordial η to primordial baryon density by multiplying η by the photon number density at nucleosynthesis and the mean mass per baryon and then by reducing the density by the volume increase in the universe since Big Bang nucleosynthesis (BBN).

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  • The Black Hole That Birthed the Big Bang - Scientific American

    As far as I can see, deQuincey bases most of his arguments that call the Big Bang into questionon Lerner's book.

  • Is the big bang a fact, hypothesis or theory? | Yahoo …

    So perhaps,after all, Thuan’s “problem” remains a difficulty for Big Bang theory?

  • "The Big Bang Theory" The Big Bran Hypothesis (TV ..

    These are big objects by any reckoning, dwarfing the 65 million light-yearsmaximum imposed by the Big Bang theory.

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The Recombination Hypothesis | The Big Bang Theory …

In particular, the statementthat parts of the universe separated by more than 300,000 light years lieoutside the region of communication (known as the Hubble horizon) completely ignores the fact that the CMBwas formed at z (redshift) ~1000 and that therefore the comoving Hubble horizon would be 300 million light years across today (WMAP measures, moreaccurately, decoupling at 379,000 years after Big Bang, at z = 1089 (10)).

Big Bang Theory explains Meme Hypothesis - YouTube

Given that the universe is so big that informationcould not flow across it in the time since the Big Bang, and thereforeinformation cannot be exchanged between widely separated regions,

The Big Bran Hypothesis - YouTube

But the data in references (5) - (12) strongly support the Big Bangcosmology and provide little support for the alternative models (for example, alternatives such asthe plasma cosmology, or Hoyle, Bondi and Gold's steady state generationhypothesis).

"The Big Bang Theory" The Recombination Hypothesis …

The acoustic horizon - ie the distance sound can travel in the fluid in the time between Big Bang and decoupling corresponds to the angular scale of the first peak.

BIG BANG Theory or Hypothesis | Big Bang | Universe

The books he relies on are Ramon Mendoza's 'The AcentricLabyrinth: Giordano Bruno's Prelude to Contemporary Cosmology' (3) and Eric JLerner's 'The Big Bang Never Happened' (4).

06/01/2018 · BIG BANG: Theory or Hypothesis

Truth in science is not determined democratically: we can no more change the speed of light by poll, than we can determine that the Big Bang did not happen by voting or by popular dissent.

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