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This hypothesis is discussed in more detail in section 7.9.

We tested the hypothesis that distal emboli to both the same and new ter...

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(Florida Torreya is the illustrated example of type 3.)

For example, the iconic southeastern US endemic Torreya taxifolia Arnott, a conifer native to a small area centered along the Apalachicola River in the Florida panhandle, has declined precipitously in recent decades and might face extinction in the wild, likely due to a combination of novel pathogens and warming climate (Schwartz et al.

He gives the example of the iconic Joshua Tree National Park in California.

White, 2011, , offers a useful analogy for how Florida Torreya can be viewed as becoming "naturalized" to North Carolina — evident in having naturally given rise to seedlings and saplings in its forested vicinity.While unintentional, the natural dispersal and establishment of Southern Magnolia beyond its planting in the arboretum at Chapel Hill, is a fine example of poleward "assisted migration" of a southerly native species in this time of rapid climate change.

The Oxygen Fixation Hypothesis - ResearchGate

The Carbon-Nutrient Balance Hypothesis is dead; long live the carbon-nutrient balance hypothesis?

Although no explicit solution exists for this, remaining mindful to discuss assisted migration within the context of the restoration goal should support better communication among scientists and among scientists, land managers, and the public. Eventually, shifting climates may render current species or populations maladapted, as predicted, for example, for in the southwestern portion of its current European range (Sykes and Prentice 1996) and for broadleaved species moving northward from temperate European forests to the current boreal forests (Thuiller et al.

The goal of this special issue is to present a comprehensive yet accessible review of the state of the scientific and operational knowledge and the debate on assisted migration. To facilitate the reading of our series, a glossary of technical terms that re-occur throughout the articles is included in the present special issue for easy reference to their definitions.

How is Oxygen Fixation Hypothesis (radiation oncology) abbreviated

METHODS: As a test of our hypothesis, the intracellular fate of an antisense oligomer w...

For example, this is true for many studies that rely on species distribution modeling to test ecological hypotheses or for conservation assessments (e.g., to assess risks from future climate change).

Methods are proposed for comparing two diagnostic tests for the same data where a threshold for positive for each test is specified. One method contrasts the diagnostic tests' estimated risks. A second method compares the two tests' kappa coefficients. When thresholds for positive test results are specified a priori, maximum likelihood estimators and their asymptotic variances are derived and test statistics are presented for both case-control and naturalistic methods of sampling. The bootstrap is proposed as a method to assess differences in risk estimators when thresholds for positive test results are chosen by scanning the data. Examples are given to illustrate the methods.

We also describe two examples of how this metric was used in real-world management situations.
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  • that oxygen fixation hypothesis cannot be regarded ..

    From genetic footprinting to antimicrobial drug targets: examples in cofactor biosynthetic pathways.

  • The oxygen fixation hypothesis: a reevaluation.

    Another example, resulting from anthropogenic and natural causes, would be the expansion of American beech vs.

  • The oxygen fixation hypothesis: A reevaluation

    We hypothesized that high-efficiency transduction of HUVECs with bicistronic lentiviral vector encoding Noggin a...

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“So I had this hypothesis that maybe shorter ..

The third principle is that local tumor recurrence is not always theharbinger of disseminated disease. For example, local recurrence of softtissue sarcoma or colorectal carcinoma does not always behave in thismanner. Consequently, some patients with local recurrence can still becured, depending on their underlying disease. Such patients may be bestserved by a second resection aimed at cure, perhaps incorporatingradiotherapy, rather than a less aggressive palliative procedure solelyfor pain control.

Although the Ewald hypothesis ..

A specific example would be (3) Bring Back the Cheetah to America's plains, where a larger cheetah (that went extinct 13,000 years ago) had co-evolved with America's unique pronghorn — the fastest hoofed mammal on Earth.

The Carbon-Nutrient Balance Hypothesis is dead; ..

The fourth principle is that the timing of a surgical interventionfor pain control is important. Understanding the natural history of atumor system includes an awareness of the potential of a given tumortype for local invasion as well as tumor-specific patterns ofmetastasis. This addresses the issue of prospective palliation in whichthe effectiveness of surgical pain control may be maximized ifundertaken before the onset of symptoms. For example, stabilizing a longbone with lytic metastases where fracture is likely or decompressing aspinal canal toprevent impending paralysis or to relieve tumor nerve root entrapmentmay be most helpful as a timely intervention before the development ofirreversible symptoms. This is in contrast to the asymptomatic patientwith a recurrent, widely metastatic carcinoma of the colon that mayeventually cause intestinal obstruction. In these instances, it may bebetter to monitor the patient closely for the development of symptomsrather than intervene early and disrupt the quality of life.

The hypothesis that a retrieval cue will be ..

Key statements by Chris Thomas, professor of biology at University of York (U.K.): "Many of the threatened species are just the kind of spices that can't move on their own." In Thomas's opinion, criticism of translocation is "driven by nostalgia, or a feeling that there was a romanticized period in the past when somehow humanity and nature were in balance." As to the potential danger that a translocated species might become invasive in the recipient ecosystem, Thomas counters that endangered species should be regarded as "innocent until proven guilty."

The trial was designed to test the hypothesis that ..

In other cases, the "invasiveness" of native species within North America, for example eastern hemlock in sugar maple and basswood forests of upper Michigan, may relate to localized patterns of natural migration responding to changes in climatic conditions (Davis et al., 1998).

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