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The Art and Science of Organic Synthesis | Proceedings …

Elias James Corey "for his development of the theory and methodology of organic synthesis"

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Organic synthesis is a special branch of chemical ..

A microwave-irradiated solvent-free pinacol rearrangement of hydrobenzoin substrates catalyzed by a combination of -fluorobenzenesulfonimide and FeCl3·6H2O was developed. Its selectivity was first investigated by density functional theory (DFT) calculations. Then the functional group tolerance was examined by synthesizing a series of substrates designed based on the insight provided by the DFT calculations. The application of the methodology was demonstrated by the efficient one-pot synthesis of (±)-latifine and (±)-cherylline, both are 4-aryltetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloids isolated from plants.

Protection (and Deprotection) of Functional Groups in Organic Synthesis by Heterogeneous Catalysis

Organic & Medicinal Chemistry, Physical science, Biological Science, Synthesis of pharmacologically interesting small and complex molecule entities, organic synthesis, heterocyclic chemistry, total synthesis of natural products and Analytical Technique.

so that the synthesis of organic compounds has developed into ..

Design and Synthesis of Novel Octacarboxy Porphyrinic Metal-Organic ..

Nirup Bikash Mondal has received his Ph.D in Synthetic Organic Chemistry during the period of 1989. Currently, he is working as Emeritus Scientist in Indian Institute of Chemical Biology University. He is also serving as reviewer for several reputed journals like 1) European Journal of medicinal Chemistry 2) Medicinal Chemistry Research 3) Tetrahedron Letters 4) Current Organic Chemistry 5) Synthesis 6) Journal of Medicinal Plant Research 7) Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 8) Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 9) RSC Advances.

He has authored 89 research articles and having 1 patent, 15 students have successfully persued Ph.D under his guidance. Research specialization (Major scientific fields of interest): a) Synthesis of novel heterocyclic molecules via the application of Green Chemistry. b) Isolation and characterization of bio-active molecules from Indian Medicinal plants. c) Chemical transformation of bioactive natural products for enhanced efficacy (Semi synthesis and bioevaluation).

Organic synthesis, Medicinal chemistry such as design and synthesis of novel classes ofAntidiabetic, Antifertility, Antitubercular, Anti-inflammatory, Hypolipedemic, Anti-HIV/HBV, Anti-cancer, Antimalarial, Antimicrobial, Anti-alzheimer agents.

total synthesis, semisynthesis, and methodology

Dale L. Boger and Steven M. Weinreb (Eds.), epub download,  Hetero Diels—Alder Methodology in Organic Synthesis

Molecular docking, QSAR , Structural assessment of protein, target-driven methodology development in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry research directed to structure-based drug discovery

Conjugated linear polyenes in retinoids and carotenoids series play important role in many photo-biological processes.
In addition to that linear polyenes that exhibit charge transfer phenomena are act as an optical material for various optoelectronic application. In this context, we are carrying out research on synthetic and naturally occurring donor-acceptor conjugated molecules to understand the structure and function of linear polyenes. Few areas that involved - Organic synthesis, Photophysical and Photochemical studies of molecules in different homogeneous, heterogeneous system, Probing the structure and function of bio-molecules (protein, lipid, organized assemblies), Protein-small molecule interaction, Development of sensors and material for biomolecular imaging and optoelectronic device application.

Organic Chemistry. Organic Synthesis, Methodology and Host-Guest Chemistry Dr Mick Sherburn Domino reactions are spectacular events in …
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theoretical part of the course KD2390 Selective Organic Synthesis

Abdullah M. Asiri is the Head of the Chemistry Department at King Abdulaziz University since October 2009 and he is the founder and the Director of the Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials Research (CEAMR) since 2010 till now. He is a Professor of Organic Photochemistry. He graduated from King Abdulaziz University (KAU) with a BSc in Chemistry in 1990 and a PhD from University of Wales, College of Cardiff, UK in 1995. He was promoted to a Professor in 2004. His research interest covers color chemistry, synthesis of novel photochromic, thermochromic systems, synthesis of novel coloring matters and dyeing of textiles, Materials Chemistry, Nanochemistry and nanotechnology Polymers and plastics. Prof. Asiri is the principal supervisors of more than 20 Msc and one Four PhD thesis;

using advanced synthetic methodology.

Introduction to the field of synthesis of natural products.
Learnt techniques of column chromatography, crystallization, distillation, handling of various chemicals.
Characterization of the analytical data.
Maintaining laboratory journals and writing reports.
Research interests:
Application of carbohydrates in developing alternative fuels.
Synthesis of value added chemicals from biomass.
Synthesis of bioactive natural products.
Development of valuable synthetic methodologies.

Advances in Teaching Organic ..

Mr. Brajesh Shankar started his independent teaching & research career at Sardar Bhagwan Singh PG Institute of Biomedical Sciences & Research, Dehradun. Prior to joining the SBSPGI, Mr. Shankar was completed his Master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Dibrugarh University. He qualified Graduate Pharmacy aptitude test (GPAT) and secure AICTE scholarship during his master degree. He acquired a total of about three years of research experiences in computer aided drug design & synthetic chemistry. Mr. Shankar has versatile research experiences including Molecular docking, QSAR , Structural assessment of protein, target-driven methodology development in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry research directed to structure-based drug discovery. He is author or co-author of twelve papers published in peer-reviewed international journals to his credit.

to understand the fundamental “language” of organic chemistry ..

The section’s activities encompass a wide range of projects in organic and inorganic chemistry which are based around the syntheses of new compounds and study of their properties and applications.

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