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There are different areas for information on active noise reduction.

By the usageof signal processors it has became possible to utilize different activenoise control methods.

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Noise suppression using active noise control and masking.

The third problem formulated is the active control of enclosed or partially enclosed harmonic sound field where the noise source strengths of enclosure boundary description may not be known.

  2015, Active Noise Control in a LuxuryVehicle , PhD thesis, University of Salford.

Figure 1.1: Destructive interference example Active control systems are able to operate at low frequencies, where passive meth- ods are ine�'ective: moreover, the reduction is achieved without physical modification
or rearrangement of existing noise sources.

Péceli, “Active noise control - simulation in MATLAB”,

Active noise control is a new research and development direction atour department.

The Literature 34 Figure 2.1: Dual ANC system setup The choice of the latter one relies on a Silentium�''s S-Cube�'� controller running an FxLMS algorithm: an interlaced Echo Cancellation algorithm is added for taking care
of the echo issues, due to the fact that each microphone picks up signals from both

[5] proposes a combination of passive and active noise control to at-
tenuate the noise produced by a 90 �'90�'20 mm fan positioned at the midpoint of a 440 mm-long duct, whose cross-section is designed to avoid obstructing the air�'ow,
thereby not lowering the cooling performance.

(2000) "Active noise control primer" AIP Press.

Numerical method for analyzing the optimal performance of active noise controllers.

(2004) "Optimal Transducer Positions of an Active Noise Control System with an Opening in an Enclosure" Journal of The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering, 14(2), pp.

Active noise control is a possibility forefficient noise suppression, even if the spectra of the speech and thenoise are overlapped in the frequency domain.

There are a number of great applications for active noise cancellation devices.
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  • The Impact of Subsonic Twin Jets on Airport Noise

    Conventional linear filtering, control or prediction techniquesare used to cancel or reduce the noise.

  • Active Control of Discrete-Frequency Noise from Small Subsonic Fans

    (2006)Adaptive Resonant Mode Active Noise Control. Master's Thesis, University of Pittsburgh. (Unpublished)

  • Active Noise Control of Low Frequency Sound Inside Enclosures

    high temperature) of the possible acoustic systems, the active noise controlsystem needs special hardware tools.

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Active Attenuation of Acoustic Noise Using Adaptive ARMAX Control

Active Noise Control 26 1.1 Algorithms for ANC Figure 1.2: LMS block diagram The most common adaptive algorithm is the Least Mean Square (Fig.1.2): it is able to identify a filter, whose a-priori impulse response h(n) is unknown, by the
approximation of a secondary filter, W (n).

Active control of axial-�'ow fan noise.

Active Noise Control 27 Figure 1.3: FxLMS block diagram �'� the acoustic channel between the actuator and the cancellation area and the one between this area and the error microphone.

A compact active control implementation for axial cooling fan noise.

Active Noise Control 25 �'� the controller, that is, the signal processor which tells the actuators what to do, on the basis of sensors�'' signals and the knowledge of how the plant responds
to the actuators (FPGA).

Active control of axial-�'ow fan noise using magnetic bearings.

Active Noise Control 28 1.2 Operative principles By looking at the standard ANC system in Figure 2 (see Introduction), it is evident that three major issues has to be solved: the position of the reference microphone,
the position of the error one and that of the canceling loudspeaker.

On the use of magnetic bearings for global control of fan noise.

the physical system to be controlled (the DVBT device in this case of study); �'� the sensors, to sense the disturbance and to monitor how well the system is performing (microphones); �'� the actuators, the devices which do the work of altering the plant response (loudspeakers); 24 Chapter 1.

Active noise control systems, 1996.

The acoustic characteristics of the noise source and the environment are usually time varying; in addition, the frequency content, amplitude, phase and sound velocity
of the undesired noise are non-stationary.

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