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Next up…the AdSense Text Ad under the title.

The best Google Adsense (or any advetisement/affiliate image) placement is in these two places:

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Beginner's Guide to Setting up Google AdSense on …

In case you are really new to Google Adsense… it takes a while for the ads to start showing up. Don’t panic… they usually start within 15 – 30 minutes.

So, once you got that installed follow these instructions to ad the following AdSense ads.

These were the settings that worked for me. I have to thank this article, , for leading me in the right direction for this AdSense ad in the Thesis header.

Best Designs to Maximize Your Google AdSense Earnings

I didn’t find these directions helpful:“The AdSense Ad Under the Title

The second AdSense graphic was to be placed in the top right as you see on this page. I thought it would be easy to use the AdSense multimedia box for this but I was mistaken.

The first AdSense graphic was to be placed along the top next to the title. On this site, you can see I did not achieve that very well. It exists above the title because my title on this site is too long. You can see my site for what I really wanted to achieve.

Thema: Thesis Adsense Theme – 239939 | CrazyCrows

Helpful post. Unfortunately I was long banned from using Adsense for gaming their system. 🙁.-= Melvin´s last blog .. =-.

Also, one more thought. Another thing that really helps when setting up AdSense with the Thesis theme is the Thesis Hook Map (a Google search will return many). This map, like the AdSense Heat Map, will tell you about all the Hook Hotspots.

Using the two above mentioned codes, you can make sure that AdSense only use the content within those two tags to define the kind of ads you want – in this case, the content of your blog post.

I wanted to use the basic Thesis layout and put three AdSense Ads, two graphics and one text box, on each page along with one AdSense link ads.
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  • HOW TO: Adsense Section Targeting In Thesis — …

    Adsense Text Block

  • Adsense on thesis theme - Autolaukums

    The third AdSense text block was to be placed under the title of the article as you see on this page.

  • Thesis Theme Add Google Adsense Before After Post …

    The AdSense Ad Under the Title

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Google Adsense Section Targeting With Thesis Theme …

So, let’s get started with the square 300 x 250 AdSense graphic that you see on the right. I like to use AdSense Graphics there not so much because people will follow them as much as they the simple fact that they ad graphics to the page because I am not a great graphical artist and don’t want to take the time to create graphics for these posts.

AdSense and the Thesis WordPress Theme ~ A Rich Idea

As I was trying to figure out Thesis, I was reminded of a line from Pulp Fiction when John Travolta and Samuel Jackson are talking about a foot massage. I will paraphrase it to make it AdSense friendly: “Giving a woman a foot massage and going the distance with her are two completely different things. They are not even in the same ball park or the same league. Heck, the are not even the same sport.” I apologize…sanitizing Pulp Fiction just doesn’t work ;). Anyway, that is how I felt…

AdSense and the Thesis WordPress Theme

Then, within the Thesis options, I changed the default layout to one column and made the right hand column the same width as the AdSense Ad, 300 pixels. I put a text widget on the top, with no title, and added my AdSense code there.

Quick question what if i want to add 3 adsense units in posts

Anyway, suffice to say, there is ample help out there for the Thesis theme. However, I could not find enough information on AdSense and Thesis and that is why I am writing an article about it.

Beginner's Guide to Setting up Google AdSense on Your …

However, this is not my primary blog and I did not want to spend too much time on design. But, I wanted it to look simple and nice with AdSense Ads that stood out from the rest.

How To: More Targeted AdSense Ads & Thesis Code …

The AdSense Link Unit Above the Title
Put your AdSense code in the Before Headline section of the OpenHook Plugin.

The AdSense Link Next to the Blog Title

This is not really working as I want on this blog. My goal was to have this AdSense block as it appears on my website. However, the title of this blog, , was simply too long of a title to make it work. As it is, I think it turned out ok. I am going to run with it this way and see. I could probably decrease the size of the title if I want it to fit but maybe I’ll do that later.

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