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Organized the508th Abn Chapter of the 82nd Abn Div Assn in aug '90.

Vaun Skellenger, Chairman, Northern Arizona All Airborne Chapter,82nd Airborne Division Association.

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Sources for the "gap article, in addition to personal interviews, were: "Escaping the Trap," 1990, Roy Appleman; "Chosin," 1981, Eric Hammel; "Breakout From Chosin," "Air and Space" magazine (Smithsonian), July 2000; "changjin Journal" (10-30-00, 5-1-03, 9-20-03), Col. George Rasula (USA, Ret.); "The Korean War: An Encyclopedia," 1995, ed. Stanley Sandler; "Ebb and Flow," "Concentration at Hungnam," Billy Mossman; "The Quartermaster Review," March-April 1951, "Quartermaster Aerial Supply in Korea," Cecil Hospelhorn; "Frozen chosin," 2003 Brig Gen. Edwin Simmons (USMC, Ret.) The 58th Company members and Byron Sims tried to locate Ward, the drivers of the Brockway trucks, and the 58th's company commander, Leonard Weber, but were unsuccessful. Ward is assumed to be deceased. If anyone has further information, please contact Sims via the KWE.

I invite everyone to visit the new 1/327th & 2/327th WEB SITE and please sign the GUESTBOOK.

Today, those veterans remember their experience at Funchilin differently, depending whether they were north or south of the gap. For instance, take Weldon Oakley and Nathan Burgess, both Army Chapter members. They each drove a deuce-and-a-half, the Army's all-purpose 2 1/2 ton truck, from Hungnam to Hagaru-ri loaded with Quonset huts for the X corps forward headquarters that was never to be. Instead, the Quonsets were unloaded at Hagaru-ri and taken to a bonfire of equipment deemed expendable by the withdrawing units. The freed-up truck space was needed for the wounded and in some cases, the dead.

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Lieutenant Ward was instrumental in this collaborative effort. Although not an engineer, he'd had bridge-laying experience in Italy during World War II. He was well-regarded by the men serving with him and Vom Orde remembers him as a "fine man." Robert Edwards of the 58th served at Ft. Belvoir when War was there as a sergeant. Ward got a battlefield commission in World War II and when he went to Korea his reserve commission was reinstated. Edwards, 75, is a 21-year army veteran and an Army Chapter member.

The business in Ossett continued to trade under the name of Cussons & Son. This was to be an important year in the life of John, for on Wednesday 22nd June of that year he married his fiancée, Catherine Wilby at South Ossett Wesleyan Chapel. She was a daughter of woollen manufacturer Mark Wilby of Manor House, Manor Lane.

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Mathew Powley became the vicar of Dewsbury in 1778, and in 1799 he appointed Edward Kilvington as the perpetual curate of the Chapel of Ease at Ossett, when Ossett was part of the Dewsbury parish. The Reverend Powley held the position at Dewsbury until his death on the 23rd December 1806. He was buried at his church, All Saints, Dewsbury on the 28th December 1806. Reverend Powley once refused the famous non-conformist preacher John Wesley the facility to preach in his church at Dewsbury.

[KWE Note: The following article was authored by Byron Sims of Salt Lake City, UT, for inclusion in Volume 4, No. 4 (October/November 2003) issue of "The Chosin Few: U.S. Army Chapter Newsletter." It was reprinted on the Korean War Educator with Sims' permission.]

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    I am currently the Secretary of the Greater Hartford Chapter Inc., of the 82nd Airborne Division Association.

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We are open for membership in the Chapter to any trooper who served with the 508th Airborne or any of it's attached units at any time since oct '42 up to and including the present.

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Dr. Frieda FREISE (1886-1938)

I am going to give a lecture about the life of the jewish physician
She practiced from 1925 till 1938 in Chemnitz, Saxony.

She was born in 1886 in Dissna (Russia). Her parents were Alexander
She had two brothers: Boleslaw and Simon (b. 1882).

Frieda KALMANOWITSCH studied medicine in Bern and Strassburg, where
she graduated in 1911.
Later she married the non-jewish physician dr. Eduard FREISE. Thy had one son:
Valentin, b. 1918 in Wilhelmshaven.

Frieda FREISE worked in Leipzig and Stollberg, before she went to Chemnitz.
She became the school physician of the city. In 1927 she participated
in the foundation of the Chemnitz Mother's school.

In 1933 Frieda FREISE lost her public position because of the new,
non-democratic laws.
In 1937 she moved to Prutting (Bavaria). She died in Rosenheim.

I am trying to reconstruct the life and work of this "forgotten" woman
with jewish roots.
Within a symposium in Dresden (september 11, 2013) I am going to
present her biography.

That`s why I am looking for biographic data about Dr. Frieda FREISE
and her family.
Her son Valentin became a well-known chemist. He married Gerda ROETTGER.
They had three children. He died in 2002 in Regensburg.
All advice and information are very welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Chemnitz, Germany -

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Location:Salamanca, NY, 14779-1936
Time11/09/2000 5:43:01pm

Just surfed in from searching the airborne page, I am the present secretary of the Buffalo/Niagara Chapter, 187th ARCT Ass'n.

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Hello, I am writing to you in order to find out if you may have any information or evidence that may help me track the whereabouts of my late father Zugmunt Kulas during the war. He was born in Warsaw in 1936.

From the information we have his mother was killed, he was moving between hiding places (names as Matys or Aleksandra Berlowicz, or W?odzimierz Janczewski may be relevant to the people hiding him or with him).

In addition he was kept by the organization Franciscan sisters of family of Mary.

Any information that you may have will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Yaron Kulas
Icok Kulas was born in Radzymin, Poland in 1912 to Benjamin and Roza. He was married Riwka. Prior to WWII he lived in Warszawa, Poland. During the war he was in Warszawa, Poland.

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