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This page provides a searchable database of culminating projects (theses, dissertations, practicums and projects) completed by students receiving graduate degrees from our department.

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Hingeback Tortoises (genus Kinixys) are among the most critically endangered tortoises in the world. These species are in decline throughout much of their range for various reasons including habitat loss, bushmeat consumption, and collection for the pet trade. They are faced with multiple stressors which may reduce their range, number of species, and number of individuals within populations. Although effort has been made with select species in targeted areas, little is known about this group of unique hinged tortoises in many parts of their range. Numerous data gaps exist regarding species viability, threats, habitat use, natural history, reproduction, longevity, population structure, husbandry, conservation needs by species, within range country, and species range-wide. To date, no comprehensive effort has been made to compile and synthesize all available research and resources on the Kinixys complex. This presentation will discuss each species of the genus Kinixys, their threats and natural history and recent work conducted on the Malagasy endemic. In addition, techniques used to successfully maintain and breed this genus will be discussed with emphasis placed on basic husbandry needs, breeding, and incubation. Indoor and outdoor housing will be discussed as well as dietary and health concerns.

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Reticulated flatwoods salamanders (Ambystoma bishopi) and frosted flatwoods salamanders (Ambystoma cingulatum)-two closely-related salamanders endemic to the southeastern United States-have suffered range-wide population declines that mirror the loss of the highly-endangered long-leaf pine ecosystem upon which they depend. Consulting Biologist, John Palis-who has surveyed for and studied both species of flatwoods salamanders for over two decades-will share his knowledge of the natural history of these two secretive species and provide an update on their conservation status.

John was raised in suburban Brookfield, Illinois. He earned a BS in zoology from Southern Illinois University (1979) and a MS in biology from Southeastern Louisiana University (1987). John worked at Brookfield Zoo as an animal keeper in the children's zoo in the late 1970s and in the primate department in the early 1980s. John also worked as a zoologist for the Florida Natural Areas Inventory, a Nature Conservancy heritage program. As a self-employed consulting biologist, John conducts herpetological surveys and studies in the Midwest and Southeast for a variety of clients.

In June, 2010, Steve and Gery traveled with a group of veterinarians to Ecuador. They spent three nights in the rain forest of eastern Ecuador, seeing the abundant local wildlife including herps, birds, monkeys and insects. The group then flew to the Galapagos Islands, where they boarded a ship, visited 10 of the islands and saw giant tortoises, land and marine iguanas, lava lizards, three of the four endemic snake species, and many birds, sea lions, insects and fish. They crossed the equator eight times. Their presentation will showcase descriptions and hundreds of photos of the native wildlife and scenery.

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Jim's academic credits span a broad range. His undergraduate degree is in geology from the University of Rhode Island, he worked on a dissertation in paleontology at U.C. Berkeley, and he's done post doc work in genomics and bioinformatics, the latter at the Biodiversity Synthesis Center (a component of the Encyclopedia of Life) housed in the Field Museum of Natural History. He's working on research projects in the Caribbean, China, the Middle East, and the U.S. His presentation will use his travels and research to show how human activities have affected turtles throughout the world. Jim is a speaker who brings a broad range of skills and expertise to the critical problems facing many reptiles, particularly turtles.

Discovered in 1996 during the construction of a hydroelectric facility in Tanzania, one of the world's only live-bearing frogs was extinct in the wild by the end of 2003. Successful captive assurance colonies at the Toledo and Bronx Zoos provide the only hope of survival for this highly endemic amphibian.

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Definition and explanation of natural law theory with bibliography.

You may be familiar with Dr. Mader through his monthly column in Reptiles magazine, Veterinarian Q and A and if you've ever taken a herp to the vet, you've likely benefited from his book, Reptile Medicine and Surgery, which is the standard veterinary textbook on the subject. Dr. Mader is an internationally acclaimed lecturer in high demand so we are lucky to have him as a speaker.

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Hungarian-born Zoltan Takacs has been fascinated by reptiles since early childhood and started to pursue venomous snakes at age 14, an addiction he never gave up. His main academic interest is the molecular basis of snake venom resistance -- why cobras, sea snakes, and mongooses are not affected by elapid neurotoxins. He obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Columbia University and currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago. A wildlife photographer, scuba diver, and aircraft pilot, Zoltan's quest for snakes has taken him to over 110 countries, and his work has been featured several times on the National Geographic Channel.

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Identifying distinct evolutionary lineages and characterizing their distribution poses challenges to biodiversity conservation. This is particularly true in parts of the world that are poorly studied, and in species complexes whose morphology is highly conserved. In this seminar I will discuss herpetological research that combines fieldwork and molecular genetics to uncover previously uncharacterized diversity. In doing so, this work helps us better understand evolutionary processes that contributed to this variation and offers practical information for biodiversity conservation. We will first focus on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi where geological and ecological factors have generated similar patterns of diversity among multiple species. We will then we will turn to the Itombwe Plateau in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where recent studies have uncovered a previously uncharacterized species of clawed frog that is emblematic of the high conservation value of this poorly studied area.


Dave Barker is a professed life-long snake-aholic. He started his professional career in high school at Mural's Pet Center in Crystal Lake, IL. His first snake friends were Roger Repp and Dale Rover, also from Crystal Lake. Roger introduced Dave to the wonders of the Chicago Herp Society, and Dave and Roger attended CHS meetings in 1969 and 1970, riding the train to downtown and taking a taxi to the Academy of Science.

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