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Which theme is a better option?

Nevertheless that’s the verb many people have used in the past week when they noticed my new theme design.

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I was doing some research on themes and landed on this page.

Did you try Dynamik Child Theme for Genesis? This has column widths and hooks and is like a supped up version of the old Thesis Design settings. Also, it’s a one time fee with excellent support.

Most themes have pros and cons, and I find it hard to find one that I like out-of-the-box.

Do you mean help you obtain it illegally without paying? Sorry, I don’t think that’s fair or ethical to the StudioPress theme. I hope I’m misunderstanding you.

Took your advice and went with a Genesis theme for my new website –

Hey.Which theme would be better if I want to start a multi niche blog.

So the theme you’re looking at now is pretty much out-of-the-box. I did upload my own red nav bar image that I made in Photoshop because the original was too small and so was the text.

I also tweaked the header CSS to make room for a 728×90 AdSense banner. The theme only allowed space for a 468×60 image. Fortunately the banner was already coded in so it was an easy tweak.

I like the new theme. It’s cleaner and easier to read.

Also, this particular theme does not have hooks — which makes it easier to customize or add elements to different parts of your site (after the post, before the comments, after the header, above the footer, etc.)

Thesis was a pioneer with the hook functionality, and many themes have adopted it since. However, WooThemes does have a Hook Manager for their , just not this one.

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  • Themedy - Genesis Themes & Thesis 2 Skins

    Not to mention, I fell in love with many of the additional WooTheme features I never even thought I wanted such as…

  • Genesis Themes & Thesis 2 Skins

    Sorry to hear about your travails with Thesis and WooThemes. On the positive side, it did lead you to Genesis!

  • Themedy is the largest source ..

    I’ve been using and recommending Genesis for years. It really is among the best theme frameworks available.

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Thesis Child Theme - Premium WordPress Themes, …

Keep in mind, I had been using it for nearly three years, so it’s easy to forget how many of the customizations were specific to the Thesis theme only.

Fremedy is a free full featured theme for ..

For the record, I am not completely abandoning Thesis. If Chris Pearson EVER releases version 2.0 (sigh), I may revisit again to test out the new features. That’s a perk of having free upgrades as a customer.
But I’ve got to say, making those few customizations in WooThemes made me appreciate some of the Thesis features I took for granted for the last few years.

59+ Best Genesis Child Themes for WordPress for 2018

About two weeks ago I remembered a Facebook fan raving about WooThemes so I decided to check out their designs. And while browsing through, it just so happened their theme had everything I wanted and more.

Fix Disqus and Thesis Integration in Wordpress (Works …

Unless you’re going to code your theme from scratch (the ideal solution but not a desire for me) or hire someone, it’s usually about finding one that gets close to what you want and then tweaking it after the install.

Thesis is a good framework for Wordpress themes

I do not speak english, I’m using google translator.
I gave up completely from Thesis. I’m not a developer and I felt betrayed, since most marketing theme has always been about ease of use for common users seeking a theme customizable. What we see with the Thesis is far from it. Buy Avada, and after three hours the site was working the way I wanted, that is what is important to me

60+ WordPress Genesis Child Themes 2018

Update Nov 2012: Thesis 2.0 launched in October 2012 and in my opinion became less user friendly. I no longer recommend Thesis unless you are a developer. The reviews have not been good for the average WordPress user. Hopefully it will get better with updates, but for now, I recommend . That’s the theme I’m using now. .

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress - ManageWP

I just wonder if all the functionality scare people off- I’m not really sure but if a person is going to take the time out to learn how to use Dynamik Child Theme they should take that same time to learn how to use thesis theme 2.0.1

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