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This is the second course in the computer graphics sequence, and as such it assumes a strong familiarity with rendering and image creation. The course has a strong focus on computational geometry, animation, and simulation. Topics include splines, implicit surfaces, geometric modeling, collision detection, animation curves, particle systems and crowds, character animation, articulation, skinning, motion capture and editing, rigid and deformable bodies, and fluid simulation. As a final project, students implement an interactive video game utilizing various concepts covered in the class. Games may be designed on mobile devices, in a client/server/browser environment, or on a standard personal computer. Prerequisite: CS148.

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For qualified computer science PhD students only. Permission number required for enrollment; see the CS PhD program administrator in Gates room 196. May be taken just once; not repeatable. Educational opportunities in high technology research and development labs in the computing industry. Qualified computer science students engage in research and integrate that work into their academic program. Students register during the quarter they are employed and complete a research report outlining their work activity, problems investigated, results, and follow-on projects they expect to perform. Students on F1 visas should be aware that completing 12 or more months of full-time CPT will make them ineligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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This course will introduce students interested in computer science, engineering, and media to what¿s possible and probable when it comes to media innovation. nnSpeakers from multiple disciplines and industry will discuss a range of topics in the context of evolving media with a focus on the technical trends, opportunities and challenges surfacing in the unfolding media ecosystem. Speakers will underscore the need to innovate to survive in the media and information industries. Open to both undergraduates and graduate students.

Interdisciplinary seminar focusing on understanding how computations in the brain enable rapid and efficient object perception. Covers topics from multiple perspectives drawing on recent research in Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science and Applied Statistics. Emphasis on discussing recent empirical findings, methods and theoretical debates in the field. Topics include: theories of object perception, neural computations underlying invariant object perception, how visual exemplars and categories are represented in the brain, what information is present in distributed activations across neural populations and how it relates to object perception, what modern statistical and analytical tools there are for multi-variate analysis of brain activations.
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CS 208E, Great Ideas in Computer Science

This seminar will explore some of both the great discoveries that underlie computer science and the inventions that have produced the remarkable advances in computing technology. Key questions we will explore include: What is computable? How can information be securely communicated? How do computers fundamentally work? What makes computers fast? Our exploration will look both at the principles behind the discoveries and inventions, as well as the history and the people involved in those events. Some exposure to programming will be helpful, but it not strictly necessary.

The class will discuss the Theory of Computing as an ambitious intellectual endeavor with impact beyond Computer Science. What are computations? How can their study capture important aspects of the evolution of species, the structure of social networks, and the working of your smart phone? What are the laws of efficiency and complexity that govern computations? We will see surprising algorithms for very familiar problems as well as simple problems no one knows how to solve efficiently. We will encounter logic paradoxes that expose the limitations of computations and explore the different worlds we may be living in, depending on the answers to some of the central problems on computations.n nThe class is intended for students with a wide range of interests. The course will not involve programming. While our class will not rely on any deep mathematics (beyond basic high-school math) we will deal with mathematical formalization of concepts and with mathematical problem-solving. Therefore, some mathematical maturity and interest would be useful.

CS 54N. Great Ideas in Computer Science. 3 Units.
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    Graduate Policy Handbook PhD Program BYU Computer Science Research proposal Tips for writing literature review

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    The following are general department requirements. Contact the Computer Science Ph.D. administrator for details.

  • Sample mphil thesis in computer science by Judith …

    Corequisite: Prerequisite: Successful completion of 24 units in the Master of Computer Science program.

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All Master of Computer Science students are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout the program, with no individual grade lower than a B-. The normative time to degree is four quarters; the maximum time to degree is three years.

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The Joint Major provides a unique opportunity to gain mastery in two disciplines: Computer Science and a selected humanities field. Unlike the double major or dual major, the Joint Major emphasizes integration of the two fields through a cohesive, transdisciplinary course of study and integrated capstone experience. The Joint Major not only blends the intellectual traditions of two Stanford departments-it does so in a way that reduces the total unit requirement for each major.

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Two of these courses can be graduate courses offered by a department outside of ICS, with written consent of the advisor (M.S. students must obtain written consent from the Computer Science Vice Chair for Graduate Studies).

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Doctoral students must find a faculty advisor and successfully complete a research project with that faculty member by the end of their second year. In coordination with this project the student must also take at least one independent studies course () with their faculty advisor. The objective of the research project is to demonstrate early in the program the student’s ability to carry out basic research in computer science.

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The joint major program (JMP), authorized by the Academic Senate for a pilot period of six years beginning in 2014-15, permits students to major in both Computer Science and one of ten Humanities majors. See the "" section of this bulletin for a description of University requirements for the JMP. See also the Undergraduate Advising and Research JMP web site and its associated FAQs.

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