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Fonts are available in TrueType, OpenType and web ...

Graphic designer in Winchester, UK, who was so impressed by the Winchester Cathedral that he made a font called (2011) that reflects the gothic arches found in the cathedral. He writes about his typeface (): [] []

Paul Rädle's great jump page for foreign fonts and phonetic fonts. [] []

Chinese fonts UMing TW (ShanHeiSun-Uni) and UKai TW (ZenKai-Uni). These are reworked fonts from the Arphic typefoundry in Taiwan. The Simplified Chinese versions are called UMingCN and UKaiCN. [] []

FontFabrik Fonts Thesis page 1 page 2 page 3 Free Euro font .

The font was included in the Typographic Matchmaking Project organized by ...

Qiu Yin (b. 1962) is the Development Director of in China, where he designed the Chinese typefaces FZ-YouHei and FZ-DaWei. He designed the identity (and font) for the 2010 GuangZhou Asian Games. His books on typography and calligraphy include , , , , , and . Speaker at on . [] []

Free Times truetype font to enable correct printing of all characters and accents in the Han4yu3 Pin1yin1 transcription system (for Chinese). [] []

free TheMix Caps fonts 8 documents found.

Pinyin TT fonts by Daqing (David) Chu of Calgary. "Pinyin is a phonetic system used in Chinese to help people to pronounce Chinese (Mandarin). It has been widely used in the People's Republic of China since 1958. Many none-speaking-Chinese people also find out that this is a very good phonetic system for them to learn Chinese." [] []

Free fonts for Chinese (MS Song, MingLiu), Arabic (ArabicKufiSSK, ArabicKufiSSKBold, ArabicKufiSSKItalic, WL-ArabicNaskh-Bold-Italic, Riyadh, WL-ArabicNaskh, WL-LatinALA-LC1Times, WL-PersianNaskh, WL-ArabicNaskh-Bold, WL-ArabicNaskh-Italic), Phags (Phags-pa-Unicode-Reference, Phags-pa, Phagspa, hPhags-pa-(rotated)). The Phags-Pa font is by Babelstone1357 (2003). [] []

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  • 20 versatile font families to supercharge your typography; ...

    Chinese font archive. [] []

  • Heavy blockletter Chinese font. [] []

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How To Customize Thesis Theme Skins Using Custom Fonts Video ...

Oren Watson is a computer programmer from Canada. Designer of the pixel font Neoletters (2016). It has 8653 glyphs, including about 1600 Chinese ones. [] []

Asterisks (*) denote web-safe fonts.

The catalog of the true type fonts by the National Taiwan University was compiled by Thian-Huat Ong in 1999. The fonts, called NTU, are and . The creator of the (free) NTU fonts is Lin Yaw-Jen (Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei). The fonts were derived ca. 1993 from bitmap fonts provided by Dynafont by a bitmap to truetype program developed in-house. [] []

Fonts on 10.6: Thesis (The Sans and The MIX) no...

Commercial Khmer font producer. Salika Ltd is located in Tokyo. Their are named Khm-1 through Khm-4. They also have fonts for Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, Latin, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Nepali, Cyrillic, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese. [] []

Fonts on 10.6: Thesis (The Sans and The MIX) ...

The first versions of Nimbus Sans were digitized in the 1980s for the URW Signus sign-making system. The highest precision of all characters (1/100 mm accuracy) were required because the fonts were to be cut in any size in vinyl or other material used for sign-making. During this period three size ranges were created for text (T), display (D) and poster (P). In addition, URW produced the L-version that was compatible with Adobe's PostScript version of Helvetica. Nimbus was also the product name of a URW-proprietary renderer for high quality and fast rasterization of outline fonts. Also in the 1980s, a new improved and expanded version of the Nimbus Sans, Nimbus Sans Novus, was developed with URW's Ikarus system. Nimbus Sans Novus was modified for in 2015. Nimbus Sans Devanagari was redesigned in 2016. [] []

Fonts are available in TrueType, OpenType and ...

Free truetype fonts for Greek ( by Herman Miller, 2002), Chinese (AR PL SungtiL GB by Arphic Design, 1999), Japanese (Kochi Gothic by Wadalab), Tamil (TSCu_Comic by Thukaram Gopalrao, 1999), Hebrew (Nachlieli Light by Maxim Iorsh, 2002) and Korean (Baekmuk Gulim by Hwan Design, 2000). [] []

Features more than 13,500 free fonts.

Grab the files starting with NTU: these contain Chinese TrueType fonts for the Mac encoded in BIG5: Black-Medium, FunSung, Kai, Lei, Ming-Medium, Round-HRound-Medium, and Thin. [] []

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