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The National Rifle Associationhas cartridge identification articles archived in its GUN TALK BBS.

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Thesis Statement Identification Worksheet

A preliminary examination of the literature concludes that research on fan identity with sports teams in general, focuses primarily upon the behavioural consequences of fan identification.

This is good for conservation and will lead to better understanding of the identification issues.

Although some subspecies are thought to interbreed on a regular basis, it is unclear how this can be monitored given the imprecise field identification criteria available.

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The identification of vagrants is especially difficult because of the lack of other Canada Geese for comparison, poor understanding of variation within populations and the ever present specter of escapes (potentially of mixed origin).

Many people have discussed aspects of goose identification, taxonomy and distribution with me in the last few years, either directly or via forums such as ID-Frontiers.

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On his web site comments that the Canada Geese are, "rather arbitrarily divided here into six subspecies groups that differ in size, plumage, and voice; but all are connected by intermediate populations and identification can be difficult, even though the extremes seem like different species".

In order to obtain a uniform interface, multiple architectural constraints are needed to guide the behavior of components. REST is defined by four interface constraints: identification of resources; manipulation of resources through representations; self-descriptive messages; and, hypermedia as the engine of application state. These constraints will be discussed in .

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    (1986)A Manual for the Identification of Small Arms Ordnance Material.


    Levels of fan identification were similar across age, gender, and length of support of the club.

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    For these fans, it is the process of identification with the club that is the most important component of fandom.

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Analysis of these themes yields a model of football fan identification which can be adapted to fans of other football clubs, or fans within other contexts.

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Subsequent survey and interview data allowed six themes related to this fan identification to emerge: these being the extent of fan identification; the antecedents of fan identification; the maintenance of fan identification; the effects of fan identification upon behaviour; the influence of the cultural identity within which fan identities are enacted; and the relationship between the fan and the football club.

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It was concluded that whenever such identification provides positive social and psychological consequences for fans, levels of identification with the club remain high.

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As part of the fan survey, the sport spectator identification scale (Wann and Branscombe, 1993), revealed a fan population that was highly identified with Luton Town.

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Employing a mixed-methods research design, and an embedded case study approach, the study investigates those factors that influence fan identification at Luton Town Football Club.

Fingerprints offer a reliable means of personal identification

The findings from the study indicate that social identity theory is an appropriate framework with which to explore the concept of football fan identification.

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The research thus attempts to fill a void in knowledge by examining football fan identification of fans of less successful football teams, using a social identity theory framework.

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