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Ieyasu's troops were initially unable to penetrate the outer defenses of Osaka Castle, Japan's strongest fortress.

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Confucianism is a teaching that incorporates many elements of philosophy, religion, and social custom. A 12-volume set of books, called the Analects, contains the teachings of the great, ancient Chinese teacher. “Confucius’ sayings, which vary in length from one sentence to one paragraph, describe the ethical and moral standards that each individual should follow, including respect for elders and tradition ”. Most of the primary beliefs of Japanese ethical behaviour can be traced back to the teachings of Confucius. Once the Japanese mastered the Confucian teachings they fused their own ethical teachings with those of Confucius. The Japanese people never really accepted Confucianism and they never endorsed the views of heaven. The Japanese always considered themselves descendents of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. The Japanese made sure that their own morals and principles were taught so that their sovereignty would not be confused with that of China’s. Confucianism never became a religion in Japan although there are shrines dedicated to its creator. Festivals are sometimes celebrated and ceremonies are still held in his name.

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Japan is a prime example of contrasts and contradictions. Many Japanese companies are pioneers in their fields, but Japan seems to constantly face ruin. Cities are modern and high-tech, old wooden houses survive but continue here next to designer homes. On a normal day can be seen in the U-bahn to meet adults who drive with children’s toys or pornography, the time, sometimes with both simultaneously. Japan has a collection of wonderful temples, surrounded by gaudy advertisements and ugly buildings. In a modern skyscraper, you can suddenly take on a wooden door, behind which is a traditional Teekammer with Tatamifußboden and calligraphy is on the walls. These contrasts will ensure that your holiday will be Japan hardly boring.

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Choose a trip to either Kanazawa or Fukui, and enjoy the discoveries of authentic Japanese culture.

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Travel Guide to Japan – Japan ( Japanese :日本Nihon or Nippon ) is an island country in East Asia .In the “Land of the Rising Sun” the past meets the future. The Japanese culture dates back thousands of years on the one hand, absorbs and creates the other hand, the latest trends.

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Together with the Chinese, the Dutch dominated foreign trade with Japan; they also became the main source of information about Europe.

In between the years of 618-906 AD the Japanese realized the brilliance of the Tang Dynasty. One concept that the Japanese adopted was the imperial concept (where the leader would be addressed as emperor or empress). The Japanese modeled their entire central government around Chinese imperialism. Prior to the empirical concept, the ruler of Japan was a queen. A queen was ruling because precedents set earlier in Japanese history stated that should a male rule their violent personalities would eventually bring civil war. Japan’s concept of empirical rule produced the longest unbroken line of rulers in human history, even longer than the monarchy in England. Japan’s current ruler (Emperor Akihito) is 125th in a line which originated with the Goddess of the sun and extends to her heir Jimmu (known as the first emperor, in 660 BC ). Only one family of one bloodline has ever occupied the Chrysanthemum throne. When Empress Suiko (Yamato Period) sent a selected few to study the government, philosophy and culture of Japan, their findings and results would alter Japan’s culture permanently. The Japanese government completely reorganized their court along the Chinese model, adopted the Chinese calendar, and sponsored Buddhism (which conflicted with the beliefs taught in Japan’s primary religion, Shintoism).

During one of two trips to Edo, Kaempfer met with Shogun Tsunayoshi, and through the help of a young interpreter, unearthed many details of Japanese life.

Foreign ships were only permitted to enter Nagasaki Harbor, and Japanese ships had to be certified to travel abroad.
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    Still, Ietsuna's 30-year reign was a transitional period that solidified the Tokugawa family's rule of Japan.

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    official Japan National Tourism Organization, providing free advise and information to Travellers

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His winning research proposal was entitled, “The Corner: A Marker of the New, A Memory of the Past.” Nick plans to travel to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Japan.

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The only significant industry, the textile industry. Cheap beach wear, partly made by women working at home will be marketed at home and abroad. Bali also exported a lot of crafts. Meanwhile, tourism is the main foreign exchange earner. Bali is the most visited tourist island in Indonesia. The island covers significant parts of its budget with funds from tourism. Today there are about 4 million visitors annually. Yet Bali has always kept its side of the Tourism distinct cultural identity. Of the approximately 5000 dance – and Gamelang Ruppen who hold their religious ceremonies regularly, only a few are active only for the tourists. Some places such as Kuta, Legian and Seminyak has evolved over the last few years, “westernized” strong. Most tourists come from Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. The Ngurah Rai International Airport is located near Jimbaran and Kuta.

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