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Mechanical Engineering, undergraduate students in the Honours program and.

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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering

A high-level look at techniques for analyzing and designing complex, multidisciplinary engineering systems, such as aircraft, spacecraft, automobiles, power plants, cellphones, robots, biomedical devices, and many others. The need for multi-level design, modeling and simulation approaches, computation-based design, and hardware and software-in-the-loop simulations will be demonstrated through a variety of examples and case studies. Several aspects of system engineering will be applied to the design of large-scale interacting systems and contrasted with subsystems such as hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and brake systems. The use of design-thinking, story-boarding, mockups, sensitivity analysis, simulation, team-based design, and the development of presentation skills will be fostered through several realistic examples in several fields of engineering.

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The mission of the undergraduate program in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering is to provide students with the fundamental principles and techniques necessary for success and leadership in the conception, design, implementation, and operation of aerospace and related engineering systems. Courses in the major introduce students to engineering principles. Students learn to apply this fundamental knowledge to conduct laboratory experiments, and aerospace system design problems. Courses in the major include engineering fundamentals, mathematics, and the sciences, as well as in-depth courses in aeronautics and astronautics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, autonomous systems, computational engineering, embedded programming, fluids engineering, and heat transfer. The major prepares students for careers in aircraft and spacecraft engineering, autonomy, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, space exploration, air and space-based telecommunication industries, computational engineering, teaching, research, military service, and other related technology-intensive fields.

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Completion of the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering leads to the conferral of the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Overview of chemical engineering through discussion and engineering analysis of physical and chemical processes. Topics: overall staged separations, material and energy balances, concepts of rate processes, energy and mass transport, and kinetics of chemical reactions. Applications of these concepts to areas of current technological importance: biotechnology, energy, production of chemicals, materials processing, and purification. Prerequisite: CHEM 31.
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Introduction to engineering analysis using the principles of engineering solid mechanics. Builds on the math and physical reasoning concepts in to develop skills in evaluation of engineered systems across a variety of fields. Foundational ideas for more advanced solid mechanics courses such as ME80 or CEE101A. Interactive lecture sessions focused on mathematical application of key concepts, with weekly complementary lab session on testing and designing systems that embody these concepts. Limited enrollment, subject to instructor approval. Pre-requisite: .

1 Mechanical Engineering Thesis

Completion of the undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering leads to the conferral of the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Programs in manufacturing are available at the undergraduate, master's, and doctorate levels. The undergraduate programs of the departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering provide general preparation for any student interested in manufacturing. More specific interests can be accommodated through Individually Designed Majors in Engineering (IDMENs).

Engineering students need a solid foundation in the calculus of continuous functions, linear algebra, an introduction to discrete mathematics, and an understanding of statistics and probability theory. Students are encouraged to select courses on these topics. To meet ABET accreditation criteria, a student's program must include the study of differential equations. Courses that satisfy the math requirement are listed at in the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

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The departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as the faculty overseeing the Architectural Design, Atmosphere/Energy, Biomechanical Engineering, Biomedical Computation, and Engineering Physics majors, offer qualified students opportunities to do independent study and research at an advanced level with a faculty mentor in order to receive a Bachelor of Science with honors. An honors option is also available to students pursuing an independently designed major, with the guidance and approval of their adviser.

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A strong background in the basic concepts and principles of natural science in such fields as physics, chemistry, geology, and biology is essential for engineering. Most students include the study of physics and chemistry in their programs. Courses that satisfy the science requirement are listed at in the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Projects …

In order to satisfy ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) requirements, a student majoring in Chemical, Civil, or Mechanical Engineering must complete one and a half years of engineering topics, consisting of a minimum of 68 units of Engineering Fundamentals and Engineering Depth appropriate to the student's field of study. In most cases, students meet this requirement by completing the major program core and elective requirements. A student may need to take additional courses in Depth in order to fulfill the minimum requirement. Appropriate courses assigned to fulfill each major's program are listed online at in the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

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Machining accuracy and doctoral ...Specialisation in Mechatronics PhD PhD-programme at the Faculty of Engineering and ScienceHis thesis project, FlexSEA ...

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