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Add Background Image to Thesis Theme Navigation menu

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How to Add CSS3 Gradients to the Thesis Navigation Menu

Hey presto – that will give the entire menu bar the same background colour as the links (menu tabs), extending it right across your content box.

Next we need to create a background image for when you hover over a menu item.

Way back in version 1.6 a lot of design features were released, which enabled you to choose and change the colours of your navigation bar and menu tabs simply and quickly.

How to Customize the Thesis Navigation Menu

That’s it – two easy ways to make your navigation menus look less like Thesis.

If you’ve created a special background image to give your navigation menu a bit more zip, you’ll need to follow the first option above, but use the same image as your header_area background image () as you do for your menu background image.

As long as the height of the narrow background image exactly matches the height of your header graphic it will leave a gap at the bottom of the header area div showing the background colour. This will match the height and colour of your menu background, extending it across the width of your site.

Customizing the Navigation Menu - Thesis Theme Tips

This is not because of your previous nav menu. The code will change the default navigation menu above header to below header and add new navigation above header.

That was the approach I used on the first site I linked to above, and it extends the menu background image across the bottom of your header area, covering the entire width of your site.

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  • Thesis Theme Custom Navigation Menu

    The size of the background image I’ve used on that site is 15px X 28px (the height of the navigation bar).

  • thesis theme custom navigation menu thesis theme ..

    This first image will be used as the background for the entire navigation bar and the individual tabs.

  • How to setup Navigation Menu in Thesis Theme 2.0.

    This video explains how to add background image to the thesis wordpress theme navigation menu

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How to Add Second Navigation Menu in Thesis Theme

Another simple way to change the appearance of your Navigation Menu is to give it a rounded look by adding a background image – which is what I’ve done to the Navigation Menu .

Thesis Navigation Menu Plugin Part 1 on Vimeo

So set up your navigation menu colours in the Nav Menu screen, and make a note of the 6 digit colour code that appears in the colour sample of your ‘link background color’ option.

Thesis Navigation Menu Plugin Part 1

To make your navigation bar extend to the width of your content box you need to create the same background colour for the entire navigation menu bar as you use for the ‘link background color’ option in the Design Options > Fonts, Colors and More > Nav Menu screen.

Thesis Navigation Menu Plugin Part 9 on Vimeo

… but replace the 000000 following the hash with the 6 digit colour code you copied from the ‘link background color’ option in your Nav Menu screen.

How to add Background Image in Thesis Theme Navigation ..

And if you only have a few menu items they won’t fill the entire width of your content box, which can leave your navigation tabs looking a bit lonely.

Thesis Navigation Menu Plugin Part 12 on Vimeo

If you rely on the Design Options screen (Fonts, Colors and More) to customise your navigation bar, you’ll only be able to affect the actual menu tabs, not the entire menu bar extending the width of your content box.

Thesis Custom Navigation Menu - …

To change your previous navigation menu background color and link color if you had in nav menu. Go to ‘design options’ under ‘thesis options’ in your wordpress admin dashboard. Select nav menu and do the corresponding changes.

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