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The Use of Conjugate Reinforcement in Autism Treatment Programs a Demonstration and Discussion Digital Library aploon

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The causes of autism are closely linked to genes that affect the maturation of synaptic connections in the brain, but the genetics of the disease is complex, and at the moment it is not clear what has a greater effect on the appearance of autism spectrum disorders: the interaction of multiple genes or rarely occurring mutations. In rare cases, there is detected a stable association of the disease with exposure to substances that cause birth defects.

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Note the following. The writer never uses the exact words ofthe author therefore there is no need to use quotation marks. Thewriter summarizes, uses his or her own words and then cites thesource at the end. Sometimes a paraphrase will be large and must bebroken up. A good rule of thumb is to break up a paragraph that iscompletely paraphrased into two or three citations. The writer hasgiven credit to the author and thus has avoided plagiarism. Now theauthor would just continue writing after double spacing.

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When the book has no author use a keyword from the title. Usuallythe first word in the citation. When there are two book by the sameauthor designate one as book one and the other as book two. Forexample: (Winthrop1 282) and (Winthrop2 58-71).

response to joint attention behaviors in four children with autism For her dissertation Sarah will be expanding this study to the preschool classroom

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Love your original idea for Autism awareness. Thank you for the file and inspiration Heidi.

Though autistic people have trouble working, there are still plenty of jobs available for them. Many companies accept autistic people with open arms as a part of the equal opportunity act. Finding a job suitable for someone with autism does not have to be a tedious task. This topic has enough information to write a wonderful essay on autism.

One idea that is important is that the person with autism has to learn to cope with it. Discussing how therapy and daily routines affect them offers useful advice to anyone who listens to, or reads, your research paper.

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When you are writing a research paper about autism, it is important to first narrow down your topic to something more specific than the general topic. Writing a paper about autism in general will take you forever, and it will be very difficult to narrow down the information to anything less than all of it. How do you choose what is important and what is not. Therefore, it is important to primarily narrow down your topic to something specific and pointed. Some of the best specific topics for a research paper on autism include:

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When you are constructing a research paper about a topic related to autism, it is important for you to consider all of the rules and guidelines for writing an educated, informed, and professional research paper. Some of the most important guidelines for writing a professional research paper about autism related topics include:

Thesis Statement For Autism Research Paper

Once you follow all of these guidelines when writing about a pointed topic related to autism, you will be ready to present your research in a professional and purposeful manner.

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Thesis Statement For Autism - …

Autism is a disorder that occurs as a result of the brain developmental disorder and is characterized by severe and comprehensive shortage of social interaction and communication, as well as restricted interests and repetitive actions. All these signs are manifested before the age of three years. Similar conditions that marked milder signs and symptoms refers to autism spectrum disorders.

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