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The Extension Division: A Case Study

The literature review considers the factors associated with burnout in community mental health staff.

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View Examples of Extension Impact Statements from Across the Country

The following examples of Impact Statements were selected from the NarrativeAccomplishment Reports submitted to the Tennessee Agricultural Extension ServiceManagement Information System (MIS). While there is no such thing as a"perfect" impact statement, these examples were selected because they,for the most part, present a clear and concise statement of why the program wasconducted, what took place in the program and what were the results/impacts ofthe program. The statements are presented not so much to serve as templates forimpact statements, to be used as fill-in-the-blanks forms, but as representativeways in which impact statements can be written that are useful foraccountability purposes with our stakeholders.

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These factors all result in influences,motivations, obstacles, and feedback that directly or indirectlyinfluence youth toward or away from local involvement. Thesevariables are examined further in the study reported here todetermine whether any predict involvement, so that Extensionprofessionals may consider and recognize key factors in order toengage youth in local interactions, particularly in theimplementation of 4-H programs.

FUNDING SOURCES: Restricted IPM funds through the Extension Service.

Teachers responding to the communications program assessment indicated that:

Issue: Due to rising concern of violence among youth in the schools, SevierCounty Board of Education was looking to adopt a character development programamong the schools. Also concerned with juvenile violence and crime in thecommunity, the District Attorney General was also interested in promotingCharacter Counts! in the community. This community involvement would reinforcethe significance of good character values to the children, as well as theadults.

Sixty-one percent of students exhibited increased self confidence as a resultof the communications educational program. One teacher noted that "Itreally helped my students feel more confident about speaking out in class. Ihave one student that has gone from holding her head down in class tovolunteering to answer questions."

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An Historical Study Based on the Retrospections of Extension Staff of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

The second study of the BR&E visitation program included communities in six states (Ohio, Nebraska, Indiana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). This study surveyed one person (the volunteer coordinator) in 81 local BR&E Visitation programs and asked their perceptions of the program benefits and characteristics of each program . The results of this research were reported in three journal articles (Loveridge, Smith, and Morse, 1991; Smith, Morse, and Lobao, 1992; Loveridge and Smith, 1992).

This case study looked at a number of social capital impacts of the BR&E program(McLaughlin, 1987; McLaughlin, 1990). The author used a qualitative research approach to look at the reasons local leaders participated and the organizational and sociological changes in the local group. The author spent fourteen days in the community and interviewed thirty participants in an Ohio BR&E program, observed six meetings of BR&E program participants, and observed three business visits by program participants. The major finding was that the BR&E Task Force "red flag" review process used in this project changed the norms of accountability among local development leaders. The process helped Task Force members to: identify with each other; develop more realistic expectations regarding the capabilities of other organizations; avoid embarrassing one another about past mistakes while at the same time implying that avoidable future mistakes in working with local firms would prove embarrassing. (McLaughlin. pp. 176-177. The Retention and Expansion of Existing Business Theory and Practice in Business. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1990.)

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and leadership positions within the community

Action taken. No action yet. However, separately, the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Community Vitality has adopted a Theory of Change that emphasizes deeper engagement with geographic communities.

ALM Thesis Forum - Harvard Extension Student Association

Community organizing is something that is embedded in the Community Leaders BR&E methodology (Linda Bosma is an expert on community organizing and provides an overview chapter in her report).

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Harvard Extension School provides grant funding for admitted candidates in good academic standing. Recipients are chosen on the basis of financial need.

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Action taken. Ultimately, it is up to the community to create priority projects that they can implement. However, the BR&E program staff now coach the community in a couple ways to increase the prospects for project success. First, the aforementioned new emphasis on Implement Step as being the ultimate reason to engage in this approach to BR&E. Second, after priority project selection, the program staff is spending more time facilitating project planning and transition to action than in the past.

Harvard Extension School ALM Sustainability Thesis Symposium

In June 2005, 12 key informant interviewswere conducted. These included 4-H administrators, educators, youthparticipants, and program administrators that include youth in theirefforts. A wide range of expertise and program interests was includedto help enhance reliability and validity. This research stage wasdesigned to aid in the identification of specific issues andmotivations for youth community involvement. Interviews facilitatedour understanding of the context of attitudes and actions, as wellprovided information that would not have been evident from survey orsecondary data. They were particularly helpful in the development ofquestions for use in the survey.

Harvard extension school thesis by Wendy Demelo - issuu

A series of multiple regression models wereestimated to assess the partial effects of each conceptual area onyouth community involvement (Table 1). These models focus on eacharea individually. A final model considered all independent variablestogether, and was ultimately reduced, in order to obtain the mostparsimonious model.

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