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Predictive Validity of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

In this essay I hope to provide sufficient evidence to show why I agree with Goleman’s thesis on emotional intelligence.

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Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be learned.

Theory part of this thesis focuses on the history and present of This study investigates the influence of Emotional Intelligence on academic achievement among students of Education Faculty, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

Emotional intelligence is traits that go beyond academic achievement or IQ.

However, I will also suggest that the way the concept of emotional intelligence is now being popularized — by psychologist Daniel Goleman (1995), in his book Emotional Intelligence — is fundamentally flawed.

Emotional Intelligence and Leaders In the Chinese Context.

The idea that emotions are the bases of learning is the foundation of emotional intelligence.

The first of the three major theories to emerge was that of Bar-On (1988). In his doctoral dissertation he coined the term emotional quotient (EQ), as an analogue to intelligence quotient (IQ). The timing of the publication of his dissertation in the late 1980s was consistent with an increasing interest in the role of emotion in social functioning and well-being, but before interest in emotional intelligence enjoyed the widespread interest and popularity that it does today. Bar-On (2000a) currently defines his model in terms of an array of traits and abilities related to emotional and social knowledge that influence our overall ability to effectively cope with environmental demands, as such, it can be viewed as a model of psychological well-being and adaptation. This model includes (1) the ability to be aware of, to understand, and to express oneself; (2) the ability to be aware of, to understand and relate to others; (3) the ability to deal with strong emotions and control one's impulses; and (4) the ability to adapt to change and to solve problems of a personal or social nature. The five main domains in this model are intrapersonal skills , interpersonal skills , adaptability , stress management , and general mood (Bar-On, 1997b). The EQ-i, which Bar-On constructed to measure the model, is a self-report measure that specifically measures emotionally and socially competent behavior that estimates an individual's emotional and social intelligence, as opposed to traditional personality traits or cognitive capacity (Bar-On, 2000). The use of a self-report measure to assess individuals on this model is consistent with established practice within personality psychology, where self-report measures represent the dominant, though certainly not the only, method of assessment. However, it must be noted that since its initial publication the Bar-On EQ-i has also been published as a 360-degree measure. While correlations between the EQ-i and subscales of other established measures of personality, especially ones that are thought to tap closely related constructs, have been moderate to high, overall the EQ-i seems to provide a valid and reliable estimate of an individual's ability to effectively cope with the pressures and demands of daily life, as conceptualized by Bar-On (Bar-On, 2000a).

Moreover, emotional intelligence is related to positive outcomes such as pro-social behaviours, parental warmth, and positive family and peer relations (Mayer et al, 1999; Rice,.

The "Problem" of Multiple Theories of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence was the term coined by psychologist John Mayer and Peter Salovey.

Click to listen to an interview with , the newly appointed leader of the Center of Emotional Intelligence which will begin operation at Yale University in April, 2013. In this interview Dr. Brackett shares his vision for the new center.

Click to listen to an interview with , the newly appointed leader of the Center of Emotional Intelligence which will begin operation at Yale University in April, 2013. In this interview Dr. Brackett shares his vision for the new center.

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  • Inthis thesis Emotional Intelligence and Project Leadership.

    The first topic that I want to touch on is the idea of academic intelligence having little to do with emotional life.


    Instead, we should acknowledge emotional intelligence as a set of traits that can matter immensely on our person...

  • Can Emotional Intelligence be Developed?

    (2006)Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Deviant Behavior. Masters thesis, Universiti Utara Malaysia.

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Should We Be Measuring Emotional Intelligence?

A person with a high degree of emotional intelligence would be one who responded to situations with feeling states that "made good sense," given what was going on in those situations.

The importance of emotional intelligence in early childhood.

The majority of mothers have since remained drug-free.The study received funding from the Research Council of Norway's Programme on Alcohol and Drug Research.Some of the children in the study exhibited attention problems and/or had difficulty drawing figures or tracking fast-moving objects such as a ball.“Disorders of behavioural and emotional regulation can be particularly challenging when a child is learning to read and write,” explains Konijnenberg.


Davies, M., Stankov, L., & Roberts, R. D. (1998). Emotional intelligence: In search of an elusive construct. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 75, 989-1015.


Most simply, emotional intelligence can reasonably be conceived as a measure of the degree to which a person successfully (or unsuccessfully) applies sound judgment and reasoning to situations in the process of determining emotional or feeling responses to those situations.


What is critical thinking and how might it relate to "the bringing of intelligence to bear on emotions?" If we provisionally understand critical thinking as Robert Ennis defines it, namely, as "rational reflective thinking concerned with what to do or believe," then it clearly implicitly implies the capacity to bring reason to bear on emotions, if for no other reason than that our emotions and feelings are deeply inter involved with our beliefs and actions.


SCIENCES IN 28 Sep 2017 Full-text (PDF) Human resource is one of organization important elements, Managers have big responsibility to achieve organization desired objectives, Therefo The Effect of HeartMath Techniques on Emotional Intelligence.

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