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2016 - dissertation topics in fashion marketing

The New Landscape of Fashion Media: How The Gentlewoman Repositions Print Publications in a Digital Culture

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2018 Fashion Institute of Technology

Ann Jacoby graduated with honors from the University of Delaware where she received her BS in Fashion Merchandising. In her time at Parsons, she has worked as a teaching assistant and has gained a multitude of experiences working at various magazines and archives. Her MAFS thesis focuses on fashion and politics in the early American nation, particularly the way in which women’s roles and dress practices cultivated an early national identity for the burgeoning republic of America.

$ELLEBRITY: A Consideration of the Celebrity as Purveyor of Design in the Fashion World

FIT's CFMM program provides advanced education for emerging executives and is a think tank of innovative leadership for the industry it serves. The program develops holistic leaders, with dual competency in creative and analytical business skills, through both academic and experiential learning. Students obtain a global perspective of business through field studies in multiple overseas markets and develop agility with leadership skills through an Executive Mentor program that is part of the graduate curriculum. The curriculum facilitates the development of empathic leaders with the objective of shepherding brands that are global corporate citizens and must delight and inspire the end consumer.

The New Man: Fashion, Bodybuilding, and AIDS in the 1980s

L’eau de Fashion: Fragrance as an Experience of Fashion through the Use of COCO Chanel Parfums

Rebecca grew up in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2010, she decided to move to New York City and further her education through the realm of ‘fashion’. Becca was (and continues to be) fascinated by how fashion, architecture and space are so profoundly interconnected in how we cultivate and understand our sense of ‘self ’…

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management provides advanced education for outstanding mid-level professionals in the cosmetics and fragrance industries. It is the only program of its kind in the United States, with product development courses held in the only working fragrance laboratory on a U.S. college campus and a prestigious which includes senior executives, consultants, media experts, leading research and industry analysts, and heads of industry associations.

Platinum Glamour: Jean Harlow, Fashion & Cinematic Escape

The November Issue: The Role of Fashion and Politics in the 2012 Presidential Election

Fashion studies has not specifically looked at the use of dress by women in the context of protest. This research attempts to fill this void by using a specific protest group as a point of mediation in the examination of dress. The feminist anti-war group Codepink is used as a case study to examine the relationship of dress to protest, specifically as used by women. As a group working towards nonviolence in protest in the United States in the beginning of the twenty-first century, Codepink uses dress as a tool for women to bring shock, draw attention, and create a space for dialogue and power in protest. Their protests push the boundaries in the way in which dress has been used in the context of protests. Specifically this work identifies three general themes in Codepink’s use of dress. The first is the way in which traditional gender roles have been used and subverted by a predominantly woman’s organization. This becomes evident in the examples of the general use of the color pink, the Stolen Beauty campaign, and the protests of Guantanamo bay. The second theme identified is the representation of the body, particularly the female body by Codepink. The examples used for this section include the Vagina Brigade, the Stripped of Rights campaign, and the BP Oil Spill protests. The last theme examined in this research is the use of lingerie in protest as an intersection between public and private. This is evident in the act of pink slipping and the Bust up Bank of America protests. By examining these themes this research will provide a thorough analysis of the relationship of protest and dress as demonstrated through the use of femininity and the female body by Codepink.

Devon Novotnak graduated from Swarthmore College in 2011 with a degree in Sociology/Anthropology as well as Peace and Conflict Studies. Fresh from academia, Devon entered the MA Fashion Studies program to expand her research. This opportunity and approach to fashion will be used as she enters the industry working within buying and product development.

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Online fashion marketing thesis - Universo Online

Traditionally, marketing used various channels, such as print media, to get its message to potential consumers. With the rise of social media, many people claim that social media is the new channel for marketing. Is social media the new marketing channel? Or are the more traditional marketing channels still holding their own?

The relationship between design and marketing in the fashion industry

With so much choice available to consumers, brand loyalty becomes a lot more difficult to establish. How important is brand loyalty in modern marketing? Are there any new ways to improve brand loyalty and retain customers despite the large variety of products available?

Culture and Fashion Dissertation Topics for FREE

Marketing differs across cultures for various reasons, and some of these differences are striking. How does marketing differ across the world? What are the main reasons for these differences? Can investigating these reasons help lead to better marketing strategies across the world?

Fashion Dissertation Topics | SHAPES AND SHADES

The marketing of alcohol has long been a controversial issue, especially when it is directed at young people. Does marketing alcohol to young people lead to increased alcohol consumption? If so, does this have a lasting effect on their behaviour?

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1. Situational Analysis + segmentation/target customer
2. Definition of differential advantage
3. Outline of your brand and its identity
4. Mission Statement & objectives of your retail proposal
At this point assume that your retailer has been trading successfully for five years in the UK market, and is considering expanding internationally to a new emerging market to generate further growth. It regards the opening a Flagship store in this new geographical area, as the first step it should take as part of its international expansion plans.
5. Through research of emerging markets, suggest why these markets are key to the future of international growth. Provide a summary & rationale of three of these markets you consider to be the most important and select the one you feel your retailer should enter for its next phase of growth. Consider any unique characteristics of that market, how they may impact your retailer and how they should respond.

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