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Hi, guys I am solving my communication assignment and I need to specify the benefits of GMSK.

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Open Source Low Rate Speech Codec Part 1 | Rowetel

Though BPSK and QPSK give slightly better BER performance than GMSK, the spectral efficiency and hence power efficiency advantages of GMSK make it the preferred choice of modulation in fading mobile channels.

B-L072Z-LRWAN1 - STM32L0 Discovery kit LoRa, low-power wireless, B-L072Z-LRWAN1, STMicroelectronics

The dissertation begins with a literature review of GMSK demodulation techniques (coherent and noncoherent) and includes an overview of singlechannel interference rejection techniques in digital wireless communications.

Rayleigh multipath channel model - dspLog

06/01/2018 · CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: Robust GMSK Demodulation Using Demodulator Diversity and BER Estimation. Doctor of …

WRT to amateur radio let’s not forget that most systems are still 25 kHz channelled with IF filters to handle 16F3. For this application rather than busting a boiler to do 2400 bps it might be better to work on improving the modem. I’m thinking GMSK but going from the G3RUH style to the AIS standard ITU-R M.1371-1 which both seem to has proven to perform rather well in terrestrial and space applications. The original G3RUH design was a BT=0.5 design at 9,600 bps. At BT=0.3 16,000 bps is possible but needs a good randomizer i.e. K9NG or GRAPES or a bi-phase approach to avoid problems with receiver sync. But one needs to bear in mind adjacent channel performance (splatter). In summary with data rates of at least 9,600 bps, and perhaps a little more, possibly 4,800 bps for an amateur radio CODEC might be a better sounding option while leaving plenty for FEC – perhaps a concatenated code of rate ¾ or 7/8 convolution followed by a suitable block code.

Appendix D – Digital Modulation and GMSK, from
the report entitled "Electromagnetic Compatibility Aspects
of Radio-based Mobile Telecommunication Systems")

BER for BPSK in OFDM with Rayleigh multipath channel

In this latter case, the channel is nondispersive but there exists controlled ISI introduced by the Gaussian minimum shift keying (GMSK) modulation format used in GSM.

Various forms of GMSK demodulation are simulated, including the limiter discriminator and di#erential demodulator (i.e., twenty-five variations in all).

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    THESIS on gmsk

  • Minimum Shift Keying (MSK) - Navipedia


  • of the PhD work performed by Dr

    21/08/2009 · I have decided to start working on a free (as in speech) low bit rate speech codec

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