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Philosophy Media Ethics Susan Sontag

Ethics is important in every aspect of life especially important in our communications with others.

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There are many definitions of ethics....

Yet lingering ethical concerns remain about the way in which SNS candistract users from the needs of those in their immediate physicalsurroundings (consider the widely lamented trend of users obsessivelychecking their social media feeds during family dinners, businessmeetings, romantic dates and symphony performances). Such phenomena,which scholars like Sherry Turkle (2011) worry are indicative of agrowing cultural tolerance for being ‘alone together,’bring a new complexity to earlier philosophical concerns about theemergence of a zero-sum game between offline relationships and theirvirtual SNS competitors. They have also prompted a shift of ethicalfocus away from the question of whether online relationships are“real” friendships (Cocking and Matthews 2000), to howwell the real friendships we bring to SNS are being served there(Vallor 2012). The debate over the value and quality of onlinefriendships continues (Sharp 2012; Froding and Peterson 2012; Elder2014); in large part because the typical pattern of those friendships,like most social networking phenomena, continues to evolve.

Ethics is defined as rules of conduct or moral principles which are ignored in the story.

The growth of medical knowledge and technology have grown so have the concerns that ethical standards and issues facing our society today may be compromised or not appropriately addressed (Littleton et al., 2010)....

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Where we have a problem is in their enforcement, and in the motivation to behave unethically.

Background Information
Drug and alcohol consumption is rampant in modern societies today. In countries like Australia, teenagers are mostly known to abuse drugs and alcohol (Marshall, 2012). Australia is a country that is recognized for its excess consumption of alcohol. This is attributed to the positive advertisements made by the media, depicting alcohol use as a good thing. Most nightclubs and parties in Australia are associated with the consumption of alcohol and other illicit drugs. This is because the products are made available to customers, through alcoholic posters and banners that promote consumption.

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Treem (Organizational Comm and Technology)
What's The Cool Thing To Do Here?: Navigating Uncertainty By Engaging Social Media Professionals

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The overarching ethical issue present within the Helping Molly scenario is the community sponsorship and the alignment with school beliefs and initiatives....

The current code is irrelevant to journalists, for they are
agents of the mass media employed by those most powerful and
influential in society.

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    The media influences public opinion and there is concern over the morality, and ethics of our public leaders.

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    Business Codes of Ethics Each day in the workplace, people encounter ethical situations to which they must react....

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    The code of ethics should address the major components that are important to the particular business needs.

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Philosophy Media Ethics Susan Sontag | Custom PHD Thesis

An exploration of the ethics and
the motivations that underlie journalists (influential agents of mass
media) is fundamentally important in understanding the mass media as
an agent of those dominant in our society and the forces that motivate
them in their exploration of the truth.

Philosophy Media Ethics Susan Sontag

A qualitative analysis of the issues pertaining to
journalism and the current Code of Ethics, utilizing information from
a variety of different sources to obtain a vast body of knowledge
pertaining to journalism and the current code.

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To convey a company’s ideals, principles, and goals most companies develop a document called a code of ethics that defines the behavior that others can expect from them.

World News – US Media Ethics (Preparing for my Thesis)

Responsibility to Journalists:

Based on the assumptions in the Code of Ethics


To society and the public

Loyalty to owners



Politics – US Media Ethics (Preparing for my Thesis)

As a result, drug and alcohol consumption has increased in countries like Australia. The increased consumption of drugs and alcohol has various negative effects on the physical heath of people. These effects are not explained in most of the advertisements by the media. The content that is displayed by the media through these advertisements in order to increase the sale of drugs and alcohol is not ethical.

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In the first decade of the 21st century, new mediatechnologies for social networking such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitterand YouTube began to transform the social, political and informationalpractices of individuals and institutions across the globe, inviting aphilosophical response from the community of applied ethicists andphilosophers of technology. While this scholarly response continues tobe challenged by the rapidly evolving nature of social networkingtechnologies, the urgent need for attention to this phenomenon isunderscored by the fact that it is reshaping how many human beings initiateand/or maintain virtually every type of ethically significant socialbond or role: friend-to-friend, parent-to-child, co-worker-toco-worker, employer-to-employee, teacher-to-student,neighbor-to-neighbor, seller-to-buyer, and doctor-to-patient, to offerjust a partial list. Nor are the ethical implications of thesetechnologies strictly interpersonal. The complex web of interactionsbetween social networking service users and their online and offlinecommunities, social network developers, corporations, governments andother institutions—along with the diverse and sometimesconflicting motives and interests of these various stakeholders—willcontinue to require rigorous philosophical analysis for decades tocome.

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