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Who are these ex-offender friendly employers?

(2009)The Role of Work Motivation on Employee Performance. Masters thesis, Universiti Utara Malaysia.

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5. There are lots of good employers out there

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MASTER THESIS - PURE File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat the question what really motivate employees.

Prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence and who are working outside in preparation for release will be subject to tax and national insurance contributions if they are earning enough to merit these payments. With the commencement of parts of the Prisoners’ Earnings Act in 2011, prisoners who undertake paid employment with an outside employer are subject to a levy of up to 40% on wages over £20 per week (after tax, national insurance and any court ordered or child support payments have been deducted).The levy is applied to all those who fall within the definition but at the Governor’s discretion the rate of the levy may be reduced or waived if there are exceptional circumstances. Currently, all monies received from the levy are paid to voluntary organisations concerned with victim support or crime prevention or both.

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Mosaic Mentoring can help you develop the skills needed to find a job once you’re through the gate. Beginning before you leave prison, and continuing once you’ve been released, the scheme offers workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions designed to help boost your employability and confidence.

Initial mentoring sessions focus on relationship building before moving onto practical support and guidance. This involves a particularly strong focus on practical employability skills such as how to efficiently seek and apply for jobs and how and when to disclose criminal convictions. In working through these exercises the intention is not simply to pass on hard skills but to support the mentees engage with the prospects of new opportunities outside of prison, which can often be a daunting prospect. Positive and supportive relationships with mentors are therefore crucial in taking these first steps.

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Prisons have varying degrees of flexibility with regard to the outside contracts that they undertake. It may be that prisoners employed within a prison workshop may be able to access the “Higher Rates of Pay”. However the maximum payable will not exceed the set thresholds which are regulated by tax legislation and the constraints that this enforces on the prison estate in general.

While mentors support mentees, Mosaic works with local communities to identify employers who might be willing to take on ex-offenders, emphasising the potential of ex-offenders as employees, sensitising them to their situation and increasing their willingness to consider applications by ex-offenders for job opportunities.

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    Employee Motivation Thesis | Self-Improvement | Motivation

  • Dissertation On Motivation Of Employees

    This is a thesis I wrote about the role of motivation on employees performance


    Phd Thesis On Employee Motivation

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The Role of Work Motivation on Employee Performance

After volunteering for over two years, which included both from a Cat D prison and upon release, I was given the opportunity of paid employment at New Wortley Community Centre in Leeds. It was part time work; however, it allowed me to put my ideas in to practice and on the 1st March 2016 New Wortley Offender Support Team was born.

them as future employees among a list of ..

Our project has been successful in working with Timpson in offering work placements for ex-offenders. Because of this one of our service users went on a work placement and is now in employment at one of the Timpson stores in Leeds.

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Prisoners who are unable to work or wishe to work but a suitable job cannot be found for them (they are referred to as “unemployed”) are eligible to receive the HMPPS national minimum weekly pay of £2.50.

THESIS: Motivation is the process of providing reasons for ..

It can be a challenge to prepare yourself for seeking employment post sentence. You may feel anxious or fearful that your record will prevent you from entering the workforce beyond the prison walls. Or, particularly when coming to the end of a long sentence, that you lack the necessary skills. Whilst we must be realistic and understand that there will be challenges ahead, it is also important to remember that there are plenty of sources of help and many employers are now beginning to adopt a more liberal approach when it comes to employing ex-offenders.

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I myself spent a long period of time in prison and heard all of the stories about how difficult it would be to secure employment upon release. I managed to understand early on that training and development would be the best way possible to give myself a chance of employment after my sentence finished. I embarked upon an Open University degree and graduated in the summer of 2013. This coincided with my move to an open prison and I was able to attend university on day release to complete a Masters degree, and also gained a laboratory internship at the same university upon graduation. This lead on to a recruitment company approaching me and I was offered a position to work within a specialist field recruiting for large well established companies to smaller spin out firms.

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When it comes to approaching employers, your CV, and possibly a covering letter if asked for, is your opening communication. If there is the name of a manager or HR contact on the advert, or a recruiter’s name, give them a call. Find out more about the role and the type of person they are looking for, you can gain useful information this way.

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