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Volder, "The CORDIC Trigonometric Computing Technique", IRE Trans.

But a main problem in the network transportation analysis is the less quality and insufficient maintenance policies.

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"The bearing strength of concrete loaded through rigid plates.

The 90-day strengths obtained from ternary blending of OPC with equal proportions of CCA and PPLA were 11.30N/mm2for 5% replacement, 10.90N/mm2for 10% replacement, 10.60N/mm2for 15% replacement, 10.10N/mm2for 20% replacement, and 9.70N/mm2for 25% replacement, while that of the control was 10.00N/mm2.

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These properties are useful in the modeling of the behavior as the necessary threshold values have been obtained.

Key words: DEM, Physical properties, Mechanical properties, Tomatoes.


VoIder, "The CORDIC trigonometric computing technique," IRE Trans.

Critical review of behavioral interventions to preserve the environment: Research since 1980.
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In this paper an efficient algorithm with a blur –generating component and a noise generating component preserves the local blur and the noise of the originals.

The new thumbnails are more representative of their originals for blurry images .The noise generating component improves the results for noisy images but degrades the results for textured images .The decision to use the noise component of the new thumbnails should based on testing with the particular image mix expected for the application.

Zhang, The Research on Vocational Taining of Professional Logistics.

Scott; "The physics of ferroelectric ceramic thin films for memory applications", Ferroelectric.
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One major technique for improving the quality of steel is to reduce its sulphur content.
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  • Combining the two signatures will reconstruct the original image.

    Plagiarism detection of research papers deals with checking similarities with other research papers.

  • Thesis On Qualnet - 312894 | OPEP

    Using reliable IP address management and distribution mechanism the IP addresses are kept from being stolen or abused.

  • Applied Research - Open Thesis Fabrication - IAAC

    Paper presented at the 17th International Conference on Production Research, Blacksburg, Virginia.)[9] Feng C.

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Applied Research – Open Thesis Fabrication ..

In the present study, Plate's energy based criterion for physical modelling of traffic-induced turbulence has been verified for urban intersection under heterogeneous traffic conditions, using environmental wind tunnel.

QualNeT Thesis|QualNeT Thesis phd|QualNeT Thesis ms

This methodology maintains the video quality of the compressed video to be the same as source video.

Key words: Video, Compression.

[1] Raj Talluri, Member, IEEE, Karen Oehler, Member, IEEE, Thomas Bannon, Jonathan D.

Qualnet-Thesis | Academic College Projects

A synthesis of proper prediction of the future scenario as regards the quantum of surplus and deficit basins for the rivers basin of India have been identified and possible notional inter basin transfer has been discussed without considering the intricacy of ecological, environmental and political constraints.

Key words: green water; HEC-HMS; river basins; virtual water; water footprint; water sequestration

[1] Agrawal, A.

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A collision avoidance control system for a vehicle is provided which is designed to determine a target collision avoidance deceleration required for a system vehicle equipped with this system to bring a relative speed between the system vehicle and a target object into agreement with substantially zero without a physical collision with the target object and to determine a possibility of collision with the target object as a function of the target collision avoidance deceleration.


Incorporating the water footprint and virtual water into policy: Reflections from the mancha occidental region, Water Resources Management, Spain.
[3] Allan, J.A.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), revealing performance gains incurred through the varying combinations of the systems with an exclusive focus on complementarities and interactions among them.

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