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Chapter 4. The Future of Public Broadcasting Jean-Claude Sergeant

(2009) The political economy of Irish television broadcasting policy 1997 - 2007. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.

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UHF television broadcasting - Wikipedia

Farnsworth, S. J., & Lichter, S. R. (2011). The contemporary presidency: The return of the honeymoon: Television news coverage of new presidents: 1981-2009. Presidential Studies Quarterly, 41, 590-603.


Early in 1956, KOTV donated antenna space on its tower to the Tulsa ETV station so that KOED soon became the fourth VHF station on the Tulsa airwaves.23 Not much additional activity occured in Tulsa television until the mid-sixties.

Television Broadcasting Archives - Project Topics for …

In December of 1954, KCEB, because of low revenues and loss of network aifiliations, went out of operation.20 The following April, the facility that had housed the KCEB operation was sold to the owners of Muskogee Station KTVX to be used as an auxiliary studio.21 Shortly after acquiring the Tulsa facility, the Tulsa Broadcasting Company, owner of KTVX, asked the Commission for permission to move to Tulsa and change its call letters.

MacIntyre, L. (Reporter). (2002, January 23). Scandal of the Century [Television series episode]. In H. Cashore (Producer), The fifth estate. Toronto, Canada: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


The DuMont and NBC networks were utilized by the UHF entry, while KOTV continued using ABC and CBS.13 Thus, viewers in the Tulsa area were now afforded the opportunity of choosing their program fare from two sources.14 Soon after KCEB went on the air in March of 1954, several developments occurred in rapid succession, It was reported that Construction Permits were granted for every available channel that had been allocated to Tulsa.15 Central Plains Enterprises, which operated Radio Station KVOO, secured the privilege of telecasting on Channel Two.16 The frequency designated for educational use was granted to the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority.17 The remaining UHF allocation, Channel Seventeen, was also awarded a Construction Permit.18 In addition, neighboring Muskogee was promised a VHF station of its own when the Commission approved the application of KTVX which was owned by the Tulsa Broadcasting Company.19 All in all, the year 1954 was tantamount to a viewer's paradise in Tulsa.

Monia Lecomte is Research Assistant at the University of the West of England, Bristol and completing a doctoral thesis on French television.

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  • Television Broadcasting in Contemporary France and …

    The early history of the country's ninetieth television station is also the history of a very dynamic woman.

  • Bristol and completing a doctoral thesis on French television.

    The station she worked for had just decided that the question of entering the television field was somewhat premature.

  • Television News Broadcasting | Researchomatic

    Accordingly, she left her job with the radio station and began to talk "television" to anyone who would listen.

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Small Among Giants: Television Broadcasting in …

This is the first study that is devoted to the highly significant roles played by France and Britain in the formulation of European audiovisual policy and that provides a truly comparative analysis of the contemporary audiovisual scene in the two countries. It consists of four complementary sections: an overview of the audiovisual landscapes in Britain and France; an analysis of television programming; an account of the new cable and satellite media, and an assessment of European audiovisual integration. Overall, this volume offers a constructive contribution to the continuing debate on national and European broadcasting.

Understanding the Preservation Challenge of Digital Television

10 Radio-Television Daily, October 8, 1963, reported that the FCC had taken Channel 37 from TV usage for a ten-year period and set it aside specifically for radioastronomical research.

Welcome to the Department of Radio-Television-Film | …

The importance of contemporary television broadcasting for the shaping and development of national cultures and identities is increasingly evident. Television as the privileged medium for the dissemination of information and for mass entertainment has irreversibly altered the manner in which nations perceive themselves and each other. This volume explores the multiple and complex ways in which audiovisual developments in two important European states have impacted on the life styles and attitudes of the population at large and its governing elites.

Welcome to the Department of Radio-Television-Film ..

Almost immediately, several groups in Tulsa applied for channel allocations, Although:the ban was over, it was not until early in 1954 that a second television channel.

The University of Texas at Austin's Radio-Television-Film ..

Gregory Ferrell Lowe and Christian S. Nissen’s edited volume, Small Among Giants: Television Broadcasting in Smaller Countries, challenges the assumption that “big countries with big markets and big operators” (p. 7) provide desirable and suitable broadcasting regulatory and organizational models for emulation by smaller countries.

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