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"The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde

Second Identity: The "Golden" BoyAfter the picture was created, there was obviously a change in Dorian's identity.

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This diploma thesis deals with the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray …

The film accurately depicts the day to day life of someone with schizophrenia because it shows the constant struggle between what is real and what is not and how normal social situations are handled....

The etymology of both Dorian and el Dorado is stated as being

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First Identity: "White" Innocence
In the beginning portion of novel, there are many images that include the motif of the color white.

The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essays

The color motif of gray (as in Dorian's last name) represents the downfall of Dorian.

From that quote I began to think about my thesis...

Working thesis: Through the gradual divisions of his self identity, each identity of Dorian is revealed through the "true colors" of both Dorian the human and Dorian the portrait.

At the surface, many see him as a "golden boy" but in reality, he is tarnished at the core of his identity.

Also, if we look at the name Dorian, there is a relationship between the DOR in Dorian and the DOR in the quest to find el Dorado.

Picture of dorian gray essay - Do My Research Paper For Me

After the picture of Dorian was created, a gradual change in Dorian's identity is found.

His second identity --because of the creation of the portrait-- is seen to be unhealthy and undesirable (unlike desirable gold).
"Dorian identifies with his own "ideal self," presented to him by the painting" (Gomel 80).

The original magazine story, at fifty thousand words, has all the familiar elements of the book version, which is the one most people know. Lord Henry, a Mephistophelian aesthete who seems to be Wilde’s mouthpiece, visits the studio of his friend Basil Hallward and becomes fascinated by a picture displayed there. Basil confesses his attraction to its subject. When Dorian enters, Lord Henry intellectually seduces him with a philosophy of hedonism. (“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”) Dorian, saddened by the idea that he must grow old while his portrait stays the same, wishes the opposite were true. An elfin magic takes hold. Dorian falls for a gifted young actress named Sibyl Vane and then casts her aside when he determines that the joy of love has rendered her art banal. She kills herself. The face in the picture acquires a cruel look. As Dorian wallows in debauchery, Basil pries into his secret life and wonders about the state of his soul. Dorian, who has hidden the picture in his attic, shows Basil the now hideous face, and kills him. Thoughts of repentance cross Dorian’s mind, but he decides that he must wipe out the only remaining record of his crimes: the portrait. When he stabs it, he falls dead, his face misshapen beyond recognition. In the same instant, the picture’s beauty is restored.

In Dorian's death, the white and gold colors disappear and a tarnished, gray corpse is revealed.
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    Third Identity: The "Gray" Ending The portrait of Dorian leads to the demise of human form of Dorian.

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    Female Gender Stereotypes in Oscar Wilde´s "The Picture of Dorian Gray" - M.A

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    This diploma thesis deals with the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray and its main protagonist

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Thesis about the picture of dorian gray

Even in the final book version, Wilde refuses to moralize, to tell the artist what to do or the reader what to think. Each individual must devise his own ethical code. When Wilde wrote that all excess as well as all renunciation brings its punishment, he evidently had in mind the contrast between Basil, who can conceive of his love for Dorian only in abstract terms, and Dorian, who is so intent on embracing the physical that he loses his mind. Both men meet bad ends. Lord Henry, by contrast, emerges unscathed, his talk naughtier than his walk. Indeed, Basil accuses him of being secretly virtuous: “You never say a moral thing, and you never do a wrong thing.” Lord Henry espouses a peculiarly contemporary kind of moderation, indulging his brain but not his body, employing Dorian as a proxy hedonist. (Today, Lord Henry might spend a lot of time on the Internet.) There is something sad about him, for, unlike Basil and Dorian, he fails to commit himself. His life is vicarious.

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I am going to prove this by using a formalist approach by breaking down the many self-identities of Dorian Gray through correlating each identity to the color motif found in that part of his life.

The essay explores The Picture of Dorian Gray

What begins as an alluring fable ends as a full-on modernist nightmare. Only one character experiences anything like spontaneous joy, and that is Sibyl Vane, when she decides to abandon the artistic life and devote herself to Dorian. “I am sick of shadows,” she tells him. “You are more to me than all art can ever be.” Tragically, Sibyl does not realize that Dorian has exchanged his soul for that of the painting; like the others, she is trapped by the image’s spell.

The picture of Dorian gray is the only published novel of Oscar Wilde

This good outcome of vision. English thesis statement for the picture of dorian gray Essays: A Picture of Dorian Gray. Of having to pick a position between good and evil. Dorian Gray thesis statement for the picture of dorian gray Timeline. Web Picture of Dorian Gray Thesis Statements and Important in The Picture of Dorian Gray. For Picture Of Dorian Gray. The Picture of Dorian Gray. The first edition published. Dorian Gray Thesis Statements and Important"s Picture of Dorian Gray Thesis Statements and. And a Picture of Dorian. Thesis or dissertation. Picture of Dorian Gray Essays: Over 180,000 Picture of Dorian Gray Essays, Picture of Dorian Gray Term Papers, Picture of Dorian Gray Research Paper.

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