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Image Steganography | Computer Science Project Topics

This project report intends to give an overview of image steganography, ..

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Capstone Project on Image Steganography | Image …

Image steganography technique is widely used technique to secure information utilized for covert communication, featured tagging, copyright protection, military agencies and for many more applications related to secure communications.

A Sesure Image Steganography Using LSB Technique ..

[7] Ge Huayong, Huang Mingsheng, Wang Qian, "Steganography and Steganalysis based on Digital Image", 4th IEEE International Congress on Image and Signal Processing,2011, doi: 978-1-4222-9306-7/11.

efg's Image Processing: Algorithms

newlineFurther the LSB based steganography is also combined with encryption technique tonewlineenhance the embedding capacity of image steganography.

newlineThe primary work of this thesis focused on images as cover-medium and thus thenewlinecontribution of this thesis is in the development of secure image based steganography.

In the first case thenewlinecryptography and DCT based steganography is combined to form a process that holdsnewlinethe features of steganographic and cryptography technique to increase the security ofnewlinethe secret data and to form a stego-image with minimal perceptual degradation.

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Among the file formats,newlineimages are the most popular cover-object for steganography because of the largenewlineamount of redundant data present in its binary representation and its massive presencenewlineon the internet.

newlineThis thesis also introduces an approach of least significant bit (LSB) basednewlinesteganography in digital images that can override some statistical and structuralnewlinemeasures of detecting steganography by spreading message bits randomly.

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One of thenewlinemain characteristics of this steganographic technique is that the data are embeddednewlineonly in the red plane of the cover-image s pixel which is determined by anewlinepseudorandom number generator (PRNG) initiated by a stego-key.

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Several Steganography techniques are EZstego , TSTEG and steganos. One can add data into coefficients of a transformed image in frequency domain.

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The usage of a stego-key is important, even whennewlineknowing the image steganography algorithm the receiver will not be able to extractnewlinethe secret data without the correct key which takes out the exact random locations ofnewlinethe secret bits.

Mathematical and Natural Sciences

For evaluation of the steganographic techniques severalnewlinedependent variables are considered and all these variables are measured for the testnewlineimages.

Computer Science CSE Project Topics.

Johnson, ZoranDuric, and Sushil Jajodia, Information Hiding: Steganography and Watermarking - Attacks and Countermeasures, MA, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.
[4] Thesis On Information Security Through Image Steganography Using Least Significant Bit Algorithm by NaniKoduri
[5] S.R.

Theses and Dissertations Available from ProQuest | …

The Steganography is used to convey a message through a channel of misrepresentation so that the existence of the information is both concealed and not easy to retrieve when discovered.

Theses and Dissertations Available from ProQuest

For Spatial domain techniques like Least significant bit replacement and PVD based methods , the embedding capacity is more but sustainability against attacks on stego image is very less, so this technology need more attention to overcome the disadvantage of existing algorithms.

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