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(2014) Improved scheduling algorithm in cloud environment. MTech thesis.

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Refinery production planning and scheduling: the …

1 Data Intensive and Network Aware (DIANA) Grid Scheduling Ashiq Anjum A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of The University.

 (2015) An Implementation of Multitask Scheduling Algorithm for VXWworks. MTech thesis.

Genetic Algorithms (GA) and Constraint Programming (CP) are applied to solve the models, but the rescheduling model built by CP can be applied to original schedules created by any techniques.

Thesis Defense Scheduling – CSB/SJU

The Case Against Block Scheduling: An Educational Fad that Hurts Academic Performance.

According to case studies and experiments on the proposed scheduling and rescheduling approaches, it is found that CP has a better performance for scheduling and rescheduling problems with complex constraints although it cost longer time than GA.

Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Group-based Adaptive Scheduling Mechanism in Desktop Grid by SungJin Choi Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Scheduling System Thesis Free Essays - StudyMode

Refinery production planning and scheduling: the refining core business

The rescheduling model addresses process disturbances, such as machine breakdown and rush orders, in a recovery-based approach, which uses the original schedules as a guide to diminish the deviations between new and original schedules.

Scheduling in cloud computing is a technique which is used to improve the overall execution time of the job. A good scheduling algorithm can help in load balancing as well. Scheduling in cloud can be be done in three areas i.e Scheduling Cloudlets within the virtual machine, Scheduling Virtual Machine on the host, and scheduling cloudlets to the Virtual Machine. The last scheduling i.e scheduling the cloudlets to the virtual machine is implemented in this thesis. In this the cloudlets are intelligently scheduled to the best possible virtual machine so that the overall execution time can be reduced. The outcome proves that the proposed algorithm gives better result in comparison to the already used sequential algorithm.

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    Construction Scheduling Thesis

  • Scheduler System Baby Thesis - Essay by Jybrielle

    Scheduling in cloud computing is a technique which is used to improve the overall execution time of the job

  • THESIS STATEMENT? on block schedulingg!? | Yahoo …

    Scheduling Thesis Defenses

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In wireless networks, transmissions must be scheduled to opportunistically exploit the time-varying capacity of the wireless channels to achieve maximum throughput. These opportunistic policies require global knowledge of the current network state to schedule transmissions efficiently; however, providing a controller with complete channel state information (CSI) requires significant bandwidth. In this thesis, we investigate the impact of control information on the ability of effectively schedule transmissions. In particular, we study the tradeoff between the availability and accuracy of CSI at the scheduler and the attainable throughput. Moreover, we investigate strategies for controlling the network with limited CSI.

The Case Against Block Scheduling - Jeff Lindsay's …

The dynamic features of batch production processes contribute to the flexibility of the processes, but also pose big challenges to process scheduling problems.

Online Essays: Scheduling System Thesis …

In the first half of the thesis, we consider a multi-channel communication system in which the transmitter chooses one of $M$ channels over which to transmit. We model the channel state using an ON/OFF Markov process. First, we consider channel probing policies, in which the transmitter probes a channel to learn its state, and uses the CSI obtained from channel probes to make a scheduling decision. We investigate the optimal channel probing strategies and characterize the tradeoff between probing frequency and throughput. Furthermore, we characterize a fundamental limit on the rate at which CSI must be conveyed to the transmitter in order to meet a constraint on expected throughput. In particular, we develop a novel formulation of the opportunistic scheduling problem as a causal rate distortion optimization of a Markov source.

Scheduling System Thesis Documentation

The second half of this thesis considers scheduling policies under delayed CSI, resulting from the transmission and propagation delays inherent in conveying CSI across the network. By accounting for these delays as they relate to the network topology, we revisit the comparison between centralized and distributed scheduling, showing that there exist conditions under which distributed scheduling outperforms the optimal centralized policy. Additionally, we illustrate that the location of a centralized controller impacts the achievable throughput. We propose a dynamic controller placement framework, in which the controller is repositioned using delayed queue length information (QLI). We characterize the throughput region under all such policies, and propose a throughput-optimal joint controller placement and scheduling policy using delayed CSI and QLI.

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