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Thesis statement: When a game is used ...

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What is a good thesis statement for gaming addiction?

The study only focuses
on online games and its relation to the academic performance of the selected students.
However, the study excludes the effects of online games to their behavior.

What are the physical effects of playing online games to the Grade 7 and 8 students?2.

The most popular online game is The Sims 3 followed by World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King
This suggests that ‘Sim-ulation Games’ and ‘Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games’ (MMORPGs) are favored by gaming com-munities (The NPD Group, 2010).

What is a good thesis statement for gaming addiction?

Many people do things that they enjoy compulsively – for example watching TV, knitting, playing video and traditional games, sex, the internet, artistic endeavors, stamp collecting and virtually every other hobby. So why define certain activities, such as reading, as addictive and not others? We’ve all seen those crazed wool-wielding knitters! Conversely, if we define all activities as addictive, then saying something is addictive loses meaning.

Therefore, we conclude that playing online games
is not a distraction in the lives of students and especially to their studies, according to the result of our study.

What would be an example of a thesis statement about computer ...

36% of them got other complications and head ache which ranked both the first.
chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
Aliliran, Lauren Julianne S.
Baguio, Alliyah Mikaela D.
Dalanon, Cristian Mozee A.
De Leon, Justin Mario D.
Olalo, Alyssa Michaella
Reyes, Allen Brian T.

Assumptions of the study
• We assume that playing online games is not a hindrance
towards the academic performance of the student.

• There may be sickness that can be adopted or acquired in playing online/computer games that causes the student to be physically and mentally absent in school related activities.
There are more students in Grade 7 than Grade 8.

Caitlin is moving the focus onto a couple of important aspects of this chapter. These are: i) the definition of addiction; ii) the fundamental operational characteristics of the brain which link the reading activity to those defined within the addiction context. I will do some research on the subject and suspect that I will find aspects of compulsive or “can’t put the book down behavior” are likely to provoke or reflect similar brain chemistry responses as substances or behaviors which we more readily associate with addiction. Ultimately, it is all about the brain chemistry response. When looking at the topic of Post-Literacy we are essentially trying to look back to the future of human evolution and consciousness..a fascinating area of discovery.

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    General What are the effects of playing online games towards the academic performance of Grade 7 and 8 students?B.

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    SpecificThis study aims to investigate the effects of playing online games to the Grade 7 and 8 students.

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    Out of 34 students, 25 of them do not forget to do their home works due to playing online games. 3.

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Computer Game Addiction Thesis Statement - Scanstrut

It is where the researchers expressed our own thoughts about the study through comparisons and contrasts.
Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data
Grade 7 (Integrity, Loyal, Peace, Perseverance)
Out of 20 students, 25% of them played everyday, 45% of them played 1-3 hours, 5% of them played 4-5 hours and the 25% of them played longer hours.
Out of 20 students, 31% of the played RPG, which is ranked the first.
25% of them played Strategic, 28% of them played Action, 14% of them played Adventure, the 2% of them played Educational, and no one answered different categories.
Out of 20 students, 75% of them chose the entertainment, 20% of them in past time, and 5% of them chose for anger which ranked the least.
Out of 20 students, 55% of them did their HW’s after school, 40% of them played pc games or even surfed the net, and the 5% percent of them did other necessities.
Out of 20 students, 90% of them answered No, which means they do not forget their home works or school works due to playing online games, and the 10% of them forgot to do their school works.
Out of 20 students, 60% of them had an average grade, 10% for both 80 below and 85-87 that ranked the last, and 20% of them had a high grade.
Out of 20 students, 30% of them troubled in headache and back pain that both ranked the first.

Thesis Statement Computer Games Addiction - …

It will serve as a reference for all the students or other Josephites.

The school should expand and allow the use of library for the students to have a reference regarding the impact of computer games to students.

Thesis Statement Computer Games Addiction

8% of them play educational games.
Out of 14 students, 57% of them falls into the category of playing online games For Entertainment, while 29% For Past Time use, and 2 groups with 7% share.
Out of 14 students, 36% of them did their home works, 50% of
them played/surfed the internet and the 14% of them did other things.
Out of 14 students, 50% of them answered Yes and another 50% of them answered no which both ranked the first.
Out of 14 students, 79% of them had an average grade which ranked the first.

Thesis statement about computer games addiction

That the guidance office promote programs that educate children about the bad effects of too much playing online games.

The researchers also recommends that this study will help the next researcher whose research is related to this study.

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