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Vision Statement: The Department of Psychology will provide a collaborative environment for innovation and scientific discovery in psychological science and for attainment of psychological literacy.

Thesis statement for developmental psychology

Here’s this method in action. Suppose you’re writing about fatal accidents. One of your sources is the Humpty Dumpty incident, described in the preceding section, “If only.” As you scan your notes, think about the improvements that you would like to see — perhaps the prevention of shattering injuries caused by falls. What should be changed to bring about that improvement? The addition of calcium supplements to the water supply, a change in the design of palace architecture, additional training in egg gluing for emergency medical personnel, or something else? One of those ideas becomes your thesis statement:

Creating A Thesis Statement For Psychology Term Papers

Depending upon your topic, another road to a thesis statement comes from the phrase “I recommend.” This road is especially helpful if you’re writing about science, social science, technology, or any area that looks toward the future. Review your notes and ask yourself what improvements you’d like to see in the situation or conditions. Then ask yourself what should be changed to bring about those improvements.

Now you’ve got the basis for your paper: the thesis statement. (By the way, the preceding paragraphs are just an example, not necessarily a psychological truth!)

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With these two pieces of information, you can now build your thesis statement. Building your thesis is that simple. You need to make a generalized statement and find three reasons to support it. So here is what the thesis statement for an essay about why dogs make better pets than cats: Dogs are better pets because they can be housetrained, they can protect their owner from danger, and they are a great playmate.

The only way to write a solid thesis is to do some preliminary research on your topic. You would do general research on your topic until you can come up with a generalization to make about your topic. For example, if you were studying dogs, your generalized idea may be that they make better pets than cats. This is what it going to be the main premise of your thesis statement.

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The history of psychology can be traced back to the Ancient philosophers based their early records to understand psychology, where the early roots of modern psychology is traced through the different approaches to human behavior. The two approaches include physiology and philosophy, whereby physiology deals with studying human body through observation in which the ancient Greek scholars used to understand how human body works. Philosophy mainly dealt with explaining human nature through self-examination of a person’s experience and introspection.

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Psychology is a science. Psychology can be termed as the scientific study of human mind and how it functions. Psychology deals with the mental functions of a person as it try to understand an individual or a group of persons on how and why they exhibit some behavior. A psychologist’s duty is to try to understand social behavior, and the roles of mental behavior as he explores both the neurobiological and psychological process, which trigger certain cognitive functions and behavior.

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Montana State University

Thank you for visiting our department. We hope you enjoy exploring the links to our academic programs and research activities. Psychology is a social-behavioral science and thus entails the scientific study of social, cognitive, and behavioral processes of humans and other animals.

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