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Thesis Statement For Research Paper About Steroids

Though in principle the list is huge, in practice we are talking about one substance: hGH, human growth hormone. As with steroids, a good introductory article is the one in Wikipedia,this titled .

The side effects of performance enhancing drugs are very serious and should never be ignored.

For many women, an unplanned pregnancy can be one of the first times that they have had to deal with a decision about their health and the course of their life.

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For example, I have devoted a whole section of my paper to the prevention and care of steroid use....

The author can be viewed for the reasons of loving what they write about, then they could be viewed as one who likes to write novels, or bigger books, and then there is the ones who do it because it means a lot to their lifestyle.

It should be noted that gross overuse of hGH can cause some joint swelling and discomfort, owing to its, well, growth effects (as discussed above at acromegaly). That isunwanted, but is not itself arthritis, and normally reverts on cessation of use.

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Other misconception about steroids includes a general opinion that steroids, in fact, do not effect growth of human body.

Second, it completely ignores all the literature--discussed farther above under "psychiatric" issues--that some small but definite percentage of steroid users are users exactlybecause they had mental problems of one sort of another coming into usage. Some of those problems are the sort that lead to a spectrum of high-risk activities in a manner thatsuggests "addiction" not to this or that activity but to risk itself. Others have personality problems of another sort, typically , which is effectively the obverse of anorexia. Such persons will seem"addicted" to steroids (and, in the first sort, a collection of other things) for reasons totally unrelated to the effects or chemistry of steroids. To say steroids are "theproblem" for such people is like saying food is "the problem" for an anorexic--and to imply otherwise is intellectual dishonesty of a high order.

First off, it establishes no logical connection between its assertions that some "undetermined" fraction of users might be "addicted" and its statements about various symptomsthat some users may experience when discontinuing steroids. The authors--notably anonymous, this being no piece of science--didn't have the guts to make a flat statementthat discomfort on discontinuation demonstrates (much less proves) "addiction" because they'd have been horselaughed to the Moon if they did; so they try instead to get the reader to makethat leap for them, by putting the two basically unrelated statements in one paragraph, in sequential sentences, as if the second claim somehow validated the first, instead of standing quiteapart from it.

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Thesis statement for research paper about steroids

You should also be aware that governments both state and federal as well as sporting bodies local, national and international also have laws regarding the use of steroids in sport. What are those laws, how are they applied and do they help prevent the use of these drugs?

Thesis statement about steroids by Jennifer Peel - issuu

In everything to do with steroids, but most especially when examining claimed harmful side effects of steroids, it is necessary to pick sources with the greatest care. That goes beyondnot using or nonspecialist sources. If, for example, you choose toget your information from web sites with URLs like , , or , you may get claims that differ markedly from those tobe found in the established literature of the medical community. A good part of the discrepancy derives from the difference between risks and consequences.

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Your research paper should make clear from the beginning an exact definition of steroids and how these substances impact the human body. Sure the basis of your research paper could deal with the issue of steroids in sport discussing whether or not they should be legal or illegal. But before you get to that argument make sure you explain what they are and what they are used for. It doesn’t have to be an in-depth medical explanation but one which explains the substances and their intended use.

Thesis statement on anabolic steroids

If you jump out of an airplane with a parachute, you are taking a risk; if you jump out of an airplane without a parachute, you encounter not risk but definite consequences. It is follyto confuse the two situations--but such confusion is what one sees in most nonspecialist articles about the supposed side effects of steroids. If one is intent, for whatever privatereasons, on demonizing steroids, then it behooves one to blur or even erase the distinction between risks and definite consequences, and to present the risks as if they weredefinite consequences. So statements typified by "known side effects of —— include . . ." are misleading--whether by intent or not is immaterial--because theypresent possibilities as virtual certainties. Someone reading such a listing or tabulation is highly likely to conclude, wrongly, that using substance —— will bring on the entire (usually frightening) catalogue of woes set forth. The reality is that each of the side effects listed (well, not each--some are just made up) is apotential consequence: the degree of risk it represents needs to be evaluated on a three-dimensional matrix of actual probability of occurrence, severity of harm if itdoes occur, and transience (whether it goes away if the dosage is stopped). Such data are almost invariably lacking in most presentations.

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The phrase 'roid rage is catchy (which is a clue to its origins), and thrown about quite a bit, but meaningless. Medically, what is being alleged is , for which diagnostic tools are readily available (and which, in medical use, does notcorrespond to the everyday use of the word, which brings up images of madmen running amok with bloody axes). Curiously, another allegation against steroids is that they can cause suicidal, which is the direct opposite of mania. But before we look at the literatureon these claims, we need to consider another issue.

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