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Thesis statement for outsourcing jobs to foreign countries

thesis statement for outsourcing jobs to foreign countries

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Thesis Statement For Outsourcing Jobs To Foreign Countries

Students who, after the close of registration, decide to withdraw from one or more, but not all courses in a particular term or summer session must notify the Graduate School office by obtaining a Request to Drop a Course(s) form online at the . Failure to officially withdraw from classes, according to established , as published by the Bursar's Office, will not relieve the student of responsibility to pay for any tuition/fees owed for such classes. In addition, the student’s financial aid may be adjusted as required by federal and state refund calculations and institutional policy based on the official withdrawal date, and the student’s withdrawal will be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse for purposes of canceling any loan deferments the student may be receiving at the time of withdrawal. It is extremely important that the student contact the Graduate School office as soon as the decision to withdraw is made. Changes will not be processed or be considered official until the appropriate forms, with all required signatures, are returned to the Graduate School office. Forms may be mailed, dropped off in person, or faxed to . Tuition refunds and W (Withdrawal) grades will be based on the date that the form is submitted to the Graduate School office, not on the date that the student last attended classes or signed the form.

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The university accepts only official transcripts for the purposes of posting transfer credit or courses to the Marquette record and/or verification of a degree, diploma or certificate completion at another institution. Official transcripts are those that are printed on security paper and come directly via U.S. Mail from another institution's record/registrar office to the Office of the Registrar (OTR), the Graduate School or are delivered electronically directly to these offices via a secured third party method that has been verified by the sending institution. All other transcripts are considered unofficial. Once an official transcript is received, the transcript will be used to determine credits accepted toward the graduate degree.

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Marquette University offers graduation on a weekly basis during the summer months and on a monthly basis during the academic year. However, each college may develop a policy that will guide the implementation of this process for students in that college. This statement addresses the policy as implemented by the Graduate School.

Letter grades, with or without grade points, are used by Marquette faculty to evaluate a student's performance in a course. All grades described below, with the exception of the I, IC and IE are permanent grades. No additional work for the purpose of a grade change may be submitted by the student once the session in which the class is offered has ended. Likewise, no additional work for the purpose of a grade change may be submitted once the deadline to change the temporary grades of I, IC or IE has passed.

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The university recognizes that the primary purpose of research and scholarship is to train future scholars and disseminate new knowledge for the benefit of humankind. However, commercially valuable inventions and discoveries also may result. Graduate students, during the course of their studies and work at the university, may receive access to confidential or proprietary information from the university, its faculty and employees, and/or private companies. A student, both while a student and thereafter, is expected to respect and maintain the confidentiality of such information. In certain unusual cases, a student may be asked to sign an additional confidentiality agreement. Unauthorized use or dissemination of another’s confidential or proprietary information is subject to appropriate legal recourse and/or academic discipline, including termination from the program.

If human subjects, animals, radioisotopes, or recombinant DNA/transgenic organisms are involved in a student's research, the student must also satisfy other federally- and state-mandated requirements prior to initiating the research. These requirements are administered by the Marquette University Office of Research Compliance (ORC).

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A student has the right to appeal the hearing board’s determination if he/she believes the determination was unfounded, biased or capricious or there is new information available that was not available at the time of hearing which affects the disciplinary decision. In this case the student should submit a formal written appeal stating the grounds for appeal and relevant documentation to the Academic Integrity Council Director within five calendar days of the notification of the decision. Upon receipt of the appeal the Academic Integrity Council Director will convene a review of the student’s actions by the Academic Integrity Council Executive Committee. The committee reviews the details of the student’s actions and may ask to speak to the student, the instructor, the chair of the department offering the course, associate deans and others. The Academic Integrity Executive Committee will review the appeal and, make a determination within five business days of receipt of the appeal. The Academic Integrity Council Director will provide a written statement to all parties concerned. The decision of the Academic Integrity Executive Committee is final. A copy of the decision will be placed in the student academic file located in the Office of the Registrar. The disciplinary response and procedure for incidents of academic dishonesty that do not lead to suspension or expulsion concludes at this step.

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There are five categories of student performance problems that can lead to some form of censure. These problems may be identified at any point during the academic year, though a systematic review of all students’ course grades is also conducted at the end of each academic term. The review of other, non-course grade problems is typically conducted on an individual basis as issues arise. A finding of significant problems in any of these areas can result in a warning, probation, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion, depending on the nature and severity of the problems identified. All of these statuses are maintained permanently on the student’s academic record; only dismissal and expulsion, however, appear permanently on Marquette University’s official transcript. If a student is reinstated following a dismissal, that notation will also permanently appear on the student’s official transcript. The statuses that will appear permanently on a student’s official transcript include those listed (in bold type) below. Also listed are examples of applicable requirements.

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