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There should be no restrictions held against playing of rap music.

Over the years rap and rap music videos have continually become more sexual and degrading towards women.

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In fact sampling is rather common in rap music.

It cannot be disputed that violence is a major theme in this genre of music, but the lyrics of artists who have been able to stay in the game for a long time show that overtime the subject of their song matter varies with their experiences and success.

Rap music should not be restricted on the television despite much controversy over the idea.

Biggie smalls rose to fame as a rapper in the 90’s causing an increase in rap popularity, division (rivalry) between East and West coast rap music, and the style of gangsta rap on the East coast....

Thesis Statement On Hip Hop Music - 218093 - …

Hip Hop is a genre of music that has significantly grown the last couple of decades.

Two artists who are very well respected in the rap industry and who have been around for awhile, Nas and Jay-Z both show a wide variety of topics in their music and that with success their music went from violent tales to songs that are more fun, more positive an...

In the 21st century, rappers rap about their lives and how the place they grew up in was very hard and that is why many people think like rap music so much, because there are many connections rapper can relate to....

Negative influence of rap music by Matthew Dawson …

You can simply say hip-hop is a form of music, where you have musical artists rap over beats, and rhyming to make a song....

Many individuals believe that rap and hip-hop music and the culture that forms it is the particular reason for the degradation of the African-American community and the stereotypes that surround that specific ethnic group....

According to Brandt, and Viki rap music and hip- hop music are known for fomenting crime violence, and the continuing formation of negative perceptions revolving around the African-American race (p.362).

Early in rap music's' development
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  • Thesis Statement About Rap Music.

    While some rap songs do have violent lyrics, there is no direct evidence that rap music provokes violence in teenagers.

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    Though many people that are rappers are African American, rap musicians vary in race (Caucasian, latino, asian, etc.).

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    Rap music does not influence violence; it educates people on what is going on in the lives of urban people.

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In most rap music, artists refer to their partners as "bitches" and "whores" and they appear to take pride in describing their abuse of power in sexual situations.

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In light of B-D-P's role in reforming rap in the succeeding years, his biography is significant; he was college educated and was employed--in addition to his musical activity--as a social worker.

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Although the connection between rap music and its modern roots is impossible to ignore, rap's dependence upon high technology is often over-emphasized, eclipsing any opportunity to connect rap culture to a time before the world of turntables and written lyrics....

The emergence of hip-hop out of Queens, NY has proven to be timeless

Rap music is very much a product of its urbanized, literacy-based environment, as can be seen in the advanced technology necessary to produce the music.

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Parents and teachers put an image in their kid's head that Rap music is "bad", and they don't want their kids to be influenced by something that is negative.

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With a steady piano-centered uptempo beat provided by PF Cuttin, Masta Killa, Mef and the Funk Doc cut right to the chase, with MK dropping the thesis statement in his first bar: “Yo, I gotta be around this music / It’s therapeutic,” echoed by Method Man with his impeccable flow in the opening of his second verse as well before Redman comes through with some typically funny and quotable bars of his own.

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In the year 2000, rap became the second-best-selling genre in music, capturing 12.9 percent of the year's $14.3 billion in total record sales ("Rap/Hip Hop" Sc 1).

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