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Headway Theme is a powerful theme framework for both developers/designers and the average do it your...

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Thesis Theme Developer License – 292181

I don’t know whether the fix will work on Android devices or Windows phones. But a developer emailed me that iOS 6.0 devices seem to still be able to read the spreadsheet files by Open XML SDK, but iOS 7.0 just gives up.

Thesis Attribution (Developer license only)
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Because I already had one Thesis license, I could upgrade to the “developer” license for only $77 and be able to use Thesis on as many of my sites as I want going forward. What a bargain!

DIYthemes - Run a Killer Website with the Thesis …

Headway Theme is a powerful theme framework for both developers/designers and the average do it your...
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Farzad is a formal member of the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), the theme of which is pioneering international sustainability research in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors. CSD’s critical mass of expertise and knowledge base provides a crucial role in Farzad’s research projects, as it is leading in the sustainability agenda at local, national and international levels. CSD is a world-class partner of choice for government bodies, industries and universities on environmental, sustainable and energy research. Key drivers include delivering sustainability research in relation to: i) sustainable consumption and production, ii) climate change and energy; iii) natural resources protection and environment enhancement; iv) developing sustainable communities.

Now that some more sophisticated theme packages have been developed for WP I wanted to try some out, especially the . So, I bought a license for Thesis and installed it on this site.

Thesis Theme Plans and Pricing - DIYthemes

Because I already had one Thesis license, I could upgrade to the “developer” license for only $77 and be able to ..
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If you are considering upgrading your theme or starting a website for any purpose, take a look at the , for $87 this is an amazing deal, and you can upgrade to a developer’s license at any time for the cost difference. You won’t be disappointed!

I have been a WordPress user and developer for over four years now and use WP exclusively for customers who want to use a CMS. In that time I have learned how to change a site’s look and feel by developing a custom WordPress theme for each site. Hacking each theme by writing PHP code has been the norm and I have even done some pretty complex magazine sites like which uses WordPress.

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