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With very few exceptions, section should not be used if there is no natural heading for it.

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Although I wholeheartedly agree with better accessibility constructs, I seriously doubt that things like section etc. will do the job. First of all, it will only work if everybody uses it correctly, and seeing as how ambiguous these new elements are…
Secondly, I have a blind friend who on occasion tests my sites. At one point he told me to stop trying too hard. His view on the matter is this: Radio, spoken books, tv, etc. don’t use elements either. The best way to solve accessibility issues on websites for the blind is by having the site read by a real person. As long as that doesn’t cut is use headings correctly and make the rest of the text as “flat” as possible.
Now obviously part of this is a personal preference, but it does show that perhaps we are forcing accessibility in a direction it should be taken.

 In headers and footers beginning with Word 2007 there are special alignment tabs

Should we use an empty element on our code just to say that, in the outline all goes well?
Should we create a header to our sections, filled in, and then hide it with css?

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Every paragraph in the document that is formatted with a heading style is now numbered.

@thinsoldier – you asked “yes or no”. No.
Most people would use sections a lot; to wrap up areas of code to disambiguate where sections start and end; to surround areas demarcated with headings inside articles that were to be syndicated, so that the sites that import that content can apply CSS that works for the importing sites’ outline and so the outlining algorithm works correctly.

Should be clearly stated that, besides the emphasis already made:
adding this – conceptually – If section is taken as a semantic group of something, then a header with a semantic content should be provided.

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The theme of each  should be identified, typically by including a heading (– element) as a child of the  element.

Inside the paper I use “section” for each separate section within the that has a heading, again look at any scientific paper or news article for this layout.

Working on a new version of my site and building with html5. I checked it in the outliner tool and am getting an “untitled section” – I found it’s because I don’t have a title in the nav element. If I add any heading inside the nav the untitled section goes away.

The four remaining choices on the bottom format the paragraphs with outline numbers and apply heading styles to the paragraphs.
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  • A visual diagram of the CSS for the Header of the Thesis Theme

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[The subject of chapter divisions and chapter titles in ancient texts is one I am trying to obtaindefinite information on. However, these cannot be chapter divisions, since chapterdivisions seem to come in at the end of antiquity - older literary texts had book divisions, but notchapter divisions. Word divisions were uncommon, as were paragraphing and punctuation! Rather the material at the front is a summary of contents, and alate-antique or medieval copyist has divided the text and used portions of the summary aschapter headings. If we look at the summary for book 1, it does not seemto line up with the chapter divisions. - the 6th item in the list is NOTthe chapter heading for chapter 6, which has none; and lines 9 and 10 are notthe titles for chapters 9 (=line 8) and 10 (=line 11). From this we cansee that the summary and the chapter divisions were not made at the sametime. I add this summary from an article on the subject:

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So in a book where Eusebius is proving that the pagans got all their good ideas from the Jews, he lists as one of those good ideas Plato's argument that lying, indeed telling completely false tales, for the benefit of the state is good and even necessary. Eusebius then notes quite casually how the Hebrews did this, telling lies about their God, and he even compares such lies with medicine, a healthy and even necessary thing. Someone who can accept this as a "good idea" worth both taking credit for and following is not the sort of person to be trusted.

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The spec is a little open to interpretation—“typically with a heading” is quite different to the “With very few exceptions, section should not be used if there is no natural heading for it” here. I’ve probably been using it a little more broadly than this too eg for next/previous navigation (with no title element). Exactly how related does the generic chunk of related content need to be? :)

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Inside the paper I use for each seperate section within the that has a heading, again look at any scientific paper or news article for this layout.

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