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Thesis Theme Tutorials - Fourblogger - YouTube

is this month's exhibit at the in Long Beach, CA. This exhibit features artists who highlight characters, events, and stories traditionally excluded from mainstream comic book art and culture. Over 40 artists are showing individual sketches, hand drawn panels, mini-comics, comic books, video art, and digital images, as well as illustrations, sculptures, installation, paintings, and photographs. I'm exhibiting the original art for , , and .

Thesis Theme Tutorials - Fourblogger ..

As we know the sidebar of the website gives better look to visitors so we need to concentrate much on sidebars during the theme customization. In this video tutorial I am going to explain about how to add background image for sidebar headings in thesis theme.

How to add Background Image in Thesis Theme Navigation Menu

Add Header Logo and Custom Favicon in Thesis Theme

Estimated arrival of is still on August 2017. To celebrate, Im sharing the card to the . Justice isnt about balance, but about an elevated, passionate attack on white-supremacy, queerphobia, misogyny, ableism, and hate. Practice your gut reaction, radical response to injustice and hone the power behind your black, brown, queer, magical, offbeat, and sometimes disregarded body. Where can you expect safety? Justice is a moment where you are surrounded by like minds who dont make you question or lose authority over your body.

Later this June, in San Francisco, CA, Ill be showing a new series at , and have uploaded , one quarter of the show, to this here website. Debuting at the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival, Queer Prophesies is a prophetic window to queer futures. With holograms, musical visions, and stories of our queer descendants, this is a night of performance and visual art exploring queer futures, utopias, and dystopias that resist assimilation and explore the queer unknown. My work chronicles a future where human sexuality and nature co-evolve into a universal psyche where euphoria and body-love is basic living, and slut shame is an ancient struggle. My original intent while working on this was jaded hyper-realism, a continuation of the dystopian vortex of unbalanced physical wellness that Ive known for years.... Although, hey, I am a Gemini: there is always room for making out in the rubble and channeling Celia Cruz style hope. In this future, contraceptives grow on trees.

How to Create a Header with a Logo Image Beside the Navigation Menu

Thesis Tutorial: Dynamic Image Header with Transparent Logo

One of the tools that I use is Chris Pearson’s fantastic Thesis WordPress theme framework

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