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That’s REALLY bad! I saw the plugin on WPPlugins, and I thought how could it improve what was a great plugin.

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Thesis eStore - How to build your own E-Commerce Website

WP eCommerce was the original eCommerce plugin for WordPress. We have unparalleled experience in the open source eCommerce space. As developers ourselves, we place massive value on empowering and encouraging our developer community. There’s no better time to get involved than right now.

Adam, we are lucky there’s a free version. It’s one of my recommended plugins.

Thanks for the share. I cant believe what was an amazing and free celebrated plugin is now useless to me. When you update it, all the Post Title Formats etc. go blank and you have to fill it in yourself now.

WP eCommerce – The original WordPress eCommerce …

After a fantastic beta and RC cycle, we’re incredibly pleased to introduce WP eCommerce 3.9!

Phil, it was $39 per month when this post was published but it does seem to have been updated. Even still, as you said, there’s really still no added value over the free version or the multiple free forks that are out there now.

that being said, I’ve purchased this plugin and not been particularly impressed over the free version. it’s offered me a bit of help in dealing with WP e-commerce, but otherwise, I have no reason to recommend going pro. Furthermore, i’ve posted and emailed for support and gotten nothing… so what exactly am I paying monthly for?!?!?! I’m in the process of making sure paypal sees fit to discontinue that support subscription because it’s a waste of money.

WP eCommerce 3.9 – WP eCommerce

I have a problem whit the plug in wp-e-commerce some one please help me.

Enfinity is an elegant and flexible WordPress e-commerce theme with an adaptive layout and many features inside. It has got a (really) powerful admin panel, you can try it by enter the preview?

Enfinity supports WooCommerce, Camera slideshow (a free WordPress plugin to display adaptive slideshows with great transition effects… developed by me), BBPress, WP Super Cache and WPMU (WordPress Multi-User or WordPress Network), only to name the most famous ones.

Tired of eCommerce solutions that don’t do things the WordPress way? WP eCommerce has all the features you want.
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    Wp-E Commerce Thesis

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    Thesis Theme Wp E-Commerce

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    This site demonstrates the use of WordPress, Thesis and WP eCommerce to create a complete e-commerce website

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is there any theme supports ecommerce web site for …

The WP eCommerce Plugin is everything you need to sell anywhere! Convert visitors to customers with a beautiful online store and a secure shopping cart. Powering over 36,186 stores, WP eCommerce is one of the most relied upon open-source solutions for business owners across the globe.

Thesis E Commerce | Thesis on E Commerce, how to

An ecommerce website has the resource to allow you to manage your business on the road, whilst on holiday or when you are visiting clients and suppliers. All that’s needed is a laptop and internet access.

Ecommerce plugins for thesis : Write a hypothesis and …

Fellow WordPress developers will be pleased to know that 3.9 includes over including great new developer APIs and a new payment gateway class which already supports several new Paypal certified gateways. If you are a developer interested in our new payment gateway class, it has been developed as a plugin first and may be used in other eCommerce solutions.

Ecommerce plugins for thesis, ..

We’ve finally launched our new developer marketplace. WordPress developers can easily add their WP eCommerce add-on products for sale on our site which once approved will be available on our marketplace.

Ecommerce plugins for thesis Plugin for Restaurant Sites WP ..

If you are a shop or business owner, a website is one of the best ways to expand your business as people are looking for your products daily. There are many benefits of an Ecommerce site. Internet shopping has naturally become a convenient way to purchase products at any day or time. Whether you want groceries, clothes, games, sporting goods or almost any other product, if it can be sent in the mail, it can be bought online.

Woocommerce Skin - Wp Thesis Skins

You might have noticed our new website. This is just the beginning of our new branding efforts – so much more to come here. It is one of several “meta” areas of WP eCommerce we have been working on – some other “meta” areas we are particularly proud of:

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