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Leg prosthesis running

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Above Knee Prosthesis (first stage) ..

Soft tissues of the residual limb within a prosthetic socket are subjected to a special environment. First, pressures and shear forces are applied by the socket snugly fitted on the residuum, although the limb tissues are not necessarily suited for undertaking such loads. These loads are dynamic and repetitive during locomotion. Second, skin rubbing against the socket edge and interior surface may happen, resulting in intermittent skin deformation and biomechanical irritations. If excessive slip exists between the skin and the socket, tissue abrasion can occur and heat will be generated. Third, residual limb tissues exist often in a high-humidity environment, because the socket intimately fitted on residuum excludes circulating air and traps accumulated sweat. Fourth, the residual limb tissues may suffer from possible chemical and mechanical irritations or allergic reactions to various socket or interface materials (4,103).

Some Experience with Patellar-Tendon-Bearing Below-Knee Prostheses FRANK A

Christopher Nudds is a Certified Orthotist and Registered Prosthetic Technician. He is a graduate of George Brown College. Nudds has been a clinician at The Children's Orthotics Clinic since 2013.
Nudds has worked in both the public and private sectors treating paediatric patients. He has mentored national and international prosthetic and orthotic students in paediatric care. He was also one of eight members invited by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetics and Orthotics to upgrade its registration exams.

Working closely with other colleagues, Nudds helped design the first myoelectric transcarpal silicone prosthesis and the first exoskeletal swimming leg with silicone thigh lacer. During his years working at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab, Nudds implemented custom imagery for orthotics and prosthetics so that families could be involved in creating meaningful and playful designs for their devices.

*Above Price Includes Baseline Knee Joints Drop Lock or Free Motion.

SYMES PROSTHESIS Liner attached to the inner wall of the socket ..

The skin and the underlying soft tissues of the residual limb are not particularly adapted to the high pressures, shear stress, abrasive relative motions, and the other physical irritations encountered at the prosthetic socket interface. In order to design a good socket fit with optimal mechanical load distributions, it is critical to understand how the residual limb tissues respond to the external loads and other physical phenomena at the interface.

He is a graduate of George Brown College

Christopher Nudds is a Certified Orthotist and Registered Prosthetic Technician

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