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This Trojan exosome hypothesis reconciles current paradigms of ..

The Trojan exosome hypothesis

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led to the Trojan exosome hypothesis of HIV assembly and cell-cell ..

Abstract: Exosomes are secreted cellular vesicles that can induce specific CD4 + T cell responses in vivo when they interact with competent antigen-presenting cells like mature dendritic cells (mDCs). The Trojan exosome hypothesis proposes that retroviruses can take advantage of the cell-encoded intercellular vesicle traffic and exosome exchange pathway, moving between cells in the absence of fusion events in search of adequate target cells. Here, we discuss recent data supporting this hypothesis, which further explains how DCs can capture and internalize retroviruses like HIV-1 in the absence of fusion events, leading to the productive infection of interacting CD4 + T cells and contributing to viral spread through a mechanism known as trans-infection. We suggest that HIV-1 can exploit an exosome antigendissemination pathway intrinsic to mDCs, allowing viral internalization and final trans-infection of CD4 + T cells. In contrast to previous reports that focus on the ability of immature DCs to capture HIV in the mucosa, this review emphasizes the outstanding role that mature DCs could have promoting trans-infection in the lymph node, underscoring a new potential viral dissemination pathway.

The Trojan exosome hypothesis - SAO/NASA ADS

Finally, the Trojan exosomehypothesis has important implications for the fight against HIV andAIDS, including how to develop new antiretroviral therapies, assess therisk of retroviral infection, and generate effective antiretroviralvaccines.

Frontiers | HIV As Trojan Exosome: Immunological …

The Trojan exosome hypothesis - CORE

This Trojan exosome hypothesis reconcilescurrent paradigms of retrovirus-directed transmission with the uniquelipid composition of retroviral particles, the host cell proteinspresent in retroviral particles, the complex cell biology of retroviralrelease, and the ability of retroviruses to infect cells independentlyof Envelope protein-receptor interactions.

This has led to the proposal of the ‘Trojan exosome hypothesis ..

28/08/2017 · This Trojan exosome hypothesis reconciles current paradigms of ..

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  • 26/03/2010 · The Trojan exosome hypothesis proposes ..

    01/12/2017 · The central hypothesis of this perspective is that as “Trojan exosomes” HIV ..

  • HIV and Mature Dendritic Cells: Trojan Exosomes ..

    Gould began his foray into exosome biology and HIV budding by co-authoring ‘The Trojan exosome hypothesis ..


    29/12/2017 · The Trojan exosome hypothesis proposes that retroviruses can take ..

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