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Tufts Thesis Honors Candidate Form

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Senior Honors Theses in Philosophy - Tufts University

We therefore recommend that Tufts take advantage of Boston as a setting for intellectual and cultural engagement and seek ways to make its offerings more readily available to students: for example, a Cultural Ticket to Boston program that provides students with discounted passes to plays, museums, symphonies, and other events; a centralized Internship Clearinghouse; and encouragement of independent or group projects which integrate community service into existing coursework. These opportunities, though off-campus, would enhance the intellectual climate on campus by giving students experiences to infuse their life at Tufts with the value of engagement in the broader community.

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Undergraduate Program Senior Honors Thesis. Students interested in writing a senior honors thesis in mathematics must find an advisor among the mathematics faculty. Department of Chemistry - Tufts University Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Thesis Timeline and Requirements (Updated October, 2013) Requirement for Application to the Chemistry Thesis Program Undergraduate Program - Tufts University School of Engineering Tufts' Civil and Environmental Engineering department educates engineering students to become leaders in ... Undergraduate Program Senior Honors Thesis Guidelines. Policies and Procedures | Tufts Student Services Registration for the Senior Honors Thesis. Please keep these guidelines in mind: You must register for the appropriate senior honors thesis course in your major (or ... Senior Thesis Honors Program | The Thesis Honors Program involves independent study that leads to a senior thesis and a qualifying oral examination. The program aims to develop individual ... Undergraduate Program - Tufts University Undergraduate Program Senior Honors Thesis Guidelines. Undergraduates interested in writing a senior honors thesis should first contact their potential research ... Biology senior thesis: Honors program - biology - boston college Honors program - biology - boston college biology senior thesis, The Boston College Biology Honors Program is a research-based . short essay on abortion ... Honors Program in Biological Sciences | Office of ... The Honors Program in Biological Sciences is designed to offer advanced training in laboratory and field research through the performance of an original research ... LibGuides: Dissertations and Theses: Tufts Graduate ... Tufts A&S and Engineering master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations can be found in the Tufts Catalog in both print and electronic form. To search by topic, author ... Honors | The Program in Human Biology The Honors Program in Human Biology affords qualified majors the opportunity to work closely with faculty on an individual research project, culminating in an honors ...

Tufts Thesis Honors Candidate Form – 564724 – ARC

Tufts Thesis Honors Candidate Form

Because this is an honors program, admission is restricted to students whose names have appeared on the Dean's List at least two times before their senior year. Transfer students should have appeared on the Dean's List at least once at Tufts.

We note, for example, the strikingly small number of students who conduct senior honors theses at Tufts. Last year, there were 74 honors theses written among the 1015 graduating seniors in Arts and Sciences. Moreover, the data reveal that only 22 percent of students who graduated wrote an honors thesis, suggesting that we may not be challenging our best students intellectually as much as we might. While it may be that our best students are taking on other intellectually challenging experiences, we feel that more of our best students can and should be encouraged to take on honors theses.

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It is important to know ahead of time the procedures and requirements for the type of capstone research project you plan to undertake. Whether it is a senior honors thesis, a directed research project, a Fulbright proposal or other scholarship award, each has its own set of criteria and procedures for application. Knowing this ahead of time will help you plan the preceding steps in the research process to ensure that you complete them in a timely manner.

Senior Thesis
The senior honors thesis is an interdisciplinary project culminating in a report, essay or performance that demonstrates exceptional undergraduate achievement. It represents an opportunity to conduct original research on an issue that you have already gained some knowledge of or experience with; and constitutes an advanced work that demonstrates a higher standard of learning.

For interdisciplinary programs such as International Relations, the senior honors thesis brings to bear many of the disciplinary perspectives that students learn through the program's major requirements. While students make a year-long commitment in the senior year to write an honors thesis, the process to develop a plan, formulate a research question, locate faculty to oversee your project, and gather data needs to begin by the junior year. The earlier you get started, the better off you'll be in the senior year.

For university procedures on the senior honors thesis, read the .

Additional resources on the Senior Honors Thesis process:

The Dean of Undergraduate Education oversees senior honors theses at a university-wide level. However, each department or program has its own guidelines, procedures, and deadlines.

The ARC offers support services, workshops, and writing consultants to help seniors through the process. Contact Carmen Lowe in the ARC's Writing Center to learn more.

In addition to the university policies and procedures surrounding a senior honors thesis, the IR Program has some of its own. Visit the IR web site to learn about writing a senior honors thesis in IR.

So, you're thinking about writing a senior honors thesis in IR? Read the IR (pdf) for detailed information on tips, the thesis process, procedures, and deadlines.

In collaboration with the History Department, IR offers a (pdf) for students and faculty working on senior honors thesis projects. Students and faculty meet throughout the year in informal scholarly settings to discuss the process, share insights and strategies, build community, and support each other throughout the experience.

Fulbright Program
Each year, the Fulbright-Hays Program provides one-year foreign study and research grants for nearly 1000 U.S. students. Opportunities exist in most countries, and there are exciting new additions every year. Restrictions on field of study vary by country, but there are many opportunities to do research in the field of international relations. Any U.S. citizen with a B.A. or B.S. degree is eligible to apply. Language proficiency is required based on your selected country, and each Fulbright applicant will be tested. The office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education oversees the Fulbright Program for Tufts.

Professor Charles Inouye, former Dean of Colleges, has developed several useful resources for students, as has Professor Jeanne Penvenne in History (pdfs):

Additionally, the Task Force encourages the Educational Policy Committee and the Honors Committee to take up the question of the relationship between Latin Honors and Honors Theses. As noted earlier, fewer than one in four graduates in Arts and Sciences write an honors thesis. More broadly, roughly one in ten Latin Honors candidates in Arts and Sciences writes an honors thesis. The Task Force does not mean to suggest that every student at Tufts should write an honors thesis. But our students are among the best in the world, and the best of those students certainly have the capacity to do extraordinary work if given sufficient preparation and encouragement. We might, for example, require the completion of an honors thesis as a requirement to graduate . Clearly, more will need to be done to encourage undergraduate research than simply linking Latin and Thesis Honors: appropriate training, in which the four-year writing program would play an integral role, will be required, as will additional resources for our students to engage in research and additional support for faculty who supervise them. We turn to the issue of undergraduate research next.

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    The Task Force does not mean to suggest that every student at Tufts should write an honors thesis.

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