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The Million Mind March: The Two Selves

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Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory …

Not long after that, I decided to try it with a strawberry, by myself. That was during the summer in Los Angeles. Although we lived close to the coast in , it was anything but cool. I performed the same procedure that we did with the tomatoes, but left out the glass of water aspect. I picked two identical strawberries, held the experimental strawberry between my fingertips, and projected energy into it while at Level. I then placed them on the plastic container that held our pure water. The next day when I returned home from work, the control strawberry had turned into a puddle, while the experimental strawberry looked as it did the day before. I threw out the puddled strawberry and planned to see how long the experimental strawberry would last, and how it would decay. The next day when I got home, the strawberry was missing and I thought that my roommate must have thrown it out or eaten it. We were both beginning our careers and working long hours, and were often like ships passing in the night. I did not ask my roommate about the strawberry and forgot about it. A week later, that water container was empty and I picked it up to replace it, and behind it sat my experimental strawberry. My roommate apparently bumped it off the water container, and it sat there for a week. When I discovered the strawberry, it had been eight days since I began the experiment, and that strawberry still looked pretty good. There was no mold on it, and it was slowly shriveling like the tomato did.

The complexity of memory | TED Talks

Fitzhenry argues that the plays negotiate a tension between two models of drama (the monologic and the dialogic) and that the characters of the play offer a kind of self-reflexivity about drama.

Psychological Egoism | Internet Encyclopedia of …

Everyone has two selves. Some people have even more than two personalities. I do. I have the negative side and I have a highly keen and aware positive side.

[Trivedi examines two closely related manuscripts from the “orthodox” versions of the Pore Caitif and details the very different circumstances of their production and dissemination.]Trtik, Zdenek.

On Earth, the “Young Soul” stage of the cycle has dominated human awareness for the past two millennia. Young Souls are great at building civilizations and destroying planets. Winning is everything to the Young Soul. Killing and being killed has been a predominant theme for probably the entire human journey. Humanity is at the , as it has focused its awareness outwardly as far as it can. The inward journey that the Mature Soul awareness initiates is humanity’s next step. It is the most dramatic transition that any ensouled species makes. Mature Souls began outnumbering Young Souls on Earth in the late 20th century (becoming 34% versus 33% of the world’s human population), and the transition is underway to begin exploring emotional and inner realities. Whether the transition will be completed before humanity exterminates itself has yet to be determined. The human race will probably make it, but billions of people may not survive the transition. Those who still prefer playing the kill-and-be-killed game may soon find themselves on another planet to continue their game, as Earth will not allow herself to be destroyed. Although the kill-and-be-killed game provides valuable lessons, no planet can host that game indefinitely. The gentle inherit the earth, and Earth will eventually ascend to higher planes and leave this one behind, just as humans do.


Meaning-Seeking, Self-Transcendence, and Well-Being

Because the dark path is the study of that which is not, deception and secrecy are their tools, which is largely how the USA’s government operates. In the end, the dark path folks’ greatest victims are themselves, and the most deceived chumps of all are themselves, as they completely misunderstand who and what they are. The greatest deception is self-deception. It takes two to tango, and while dark path beings play their games they actively deceive others, and their greatest victory is not forcing people to do their bidding, but having them freely choose to.

This is a remarkably penetrating claim; remember, the study ofreference and semantics generally is usually thought to have begun onlywith Frege. Kant is anticipating two important theses about referenceto self that next saw the light of day only 200 years later.

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling - …
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  • The online book: A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

    The mind is a diligent recorder, taking note of all that happens and storing data on it for retrieval later, right

  • The real reasons you procrastinate — and how to stop - …

    Well actually, no

  • Hobbes, Thomas: Moral and Political Philosophy | …

    Psychological Egoism

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Autobiographical Reflections - Ditext

Ra made no judgment regarding the paths and even stated that the two polarities are required so that souls can evolve through this plane. Without the tension that those poles create, there would be no growth. Other planes have other means of growth. Ra also called the path of love-of-other-self the "study of what is," and the path of love-of-self the "study of what is not."

Nordic god Thor - The Norse Gods

The first requirement may look trivial but it is not. For Hume, forexample, what makes a group of experiences one person's experiences isthat they are associated with one another in an appropriate way (theso-called bundle theory), not that they have a common subject. The needfor a subject arises from two straight-forward considerations:representations not only represent something, they represent it tosomeone; and, representations are not given to us – to become arepresentation, sensory inputs must be processed by an integratedcognitive system. Kant may have been conscious of both these points,but beyond identifying the need, he had little to say about what thesubject of experience might be like, so we will say no more about it.(We will, however, say something about what its consciousness of itselfis like later.)

Master's Thesis - Master's Student Gui… - WU Vienna

Whether people believe in an immortal soul, or believe that their existence is dependent on their body's chemistry, every earthly human can probably agree upon one idea: we all have a physical body. Because we all have bodies, and they all have needs such as air, water, food, shelter, sex, etc., to an extent we are all "self-serving" as we care for our bodies. Since it takes two people to procreate, and few have a tropical island to themselves or can survive alone on a mountaintop, humans interact.

Master's Thesis; Master's Thesis

In the two editions of CPR, there are seven maindiscussions of the mind. The first is in the Transcendental Aesthetic,the second is in what is usually called the Metaphysical Deduction (forthis term, see below). Then there are two discussions of it in thefirst-edition TD, in parts 1 to 3 of Section 2 (A98 up to A110) and inthe whole of Section 3 (A115-A127)[] and two more in the second-edition TD, from B129 to B140 and fromB153 to B159, the latter seemingly added as a kind of supplement. Theseventh and last is found in the first edition version of Kant'sattack on the Paralogisms, in the course of which he says things ofthe utmost interest about consciousness of and reference toself. (What little was retained of these remarks in the second editionwas moved to the completely rewritten TD.) For understanding Kant onthe mind and self-knowledge, the first edition of CPR is farmore valuable than the second edition. Kant's discussion proceedsthrough the following stages.

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